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Address: TOKYO

The Company:

"Leveraging diversity to change the world through technology,"

Our team aims to become a global tech company where highly motivated people work together to create innovative services and businesses regardless of culture, nationality, or background.

In order to achieve this goal, we have been expanding our offices in APAC, Europe, and the U.S., starting with China, with an eye on the shortage of engineers in Japan, the global standardization of technology and knowledge, and the commoditization of services.

We have developed more than 2,200 digital products.

The Product:

We are developing new services (iOS/Android apps and web services) with a large number of engineers who pursue the "latest technology".

Our strengths lie in both planning and technology, and we are responsible for everything from planning to the development of creative projects that make full use of O2O technology, machine learning recommendation technology, and real-time video distribution technology.

The Highlights


・High social contribution (using the latest technology to DX clients, also supporting refugees)
・Mission: To change the world through technology by leveraging diversity


・Successfully raised 4.2 billion yen in funding (July 2020)
・Development bases in 26 cities in 15 countries


・Ability to be involved in development from upstream, active in new technologies, clear career path


・Discretionary work system with no core time, full remote OK, commuting OK (nice office)
・Multinational / multicultural environment (more than half of the engineers are foreign nationals)