5 best online learning platforms and why should you start online learning

5 best online learning platforms and why should you start online learning


Online learning during COVID time. Why not?

The novel coronavirus has shut the doors of almost every house and building around the world in the last few months. We literally have been confined between our four-wall home-sweet-home for at least one to two months. If you are a parent of small children, you are probably going through a tough time to get used to a sudden change in your family's daily habits. But if you don’t have kids or are single, you might ask yourself: “What am I going to do with so much spare time? Study, work and then Netflix binge the whole day?” Hmm, it might be a good option, but how about “LEARN SOMETHING NEW”?

There is always a silver lining. Though the epidemic is the worst thing that ever happened to some industries such as tourism, entertainment and F&B, it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for E-learning platforms to shine. During the lockdown period, we have seen a rapid growth of users on E-learning platforms as well as online courses offered by corporations like IBM, Google and others. Not only that, their advertisements keep popping up on my Facebook newsfeed countless times a day (like Master Class, which was so inspiring that led me to subscribe to the website with the annual membership of nearly $100).

So, why don’t you start to find out why E-learning became one of the best options for people throughout the world? Here are some of my personal suggestions for the reasons why you should not wait to register an online course and what are the best-fit platforms for you.

Why do I E-learn?


➡ Learn new knowledge and sharpen skill sets: Never ever stop learning and improve yourself you don’t want to be behind the curve on this fast-changing world. Most of the time, online lessons are given either by experts in specialised industries or professors from accredited educational institutions around the world, so why not learn from them when you can not (or maybe never) have chances to meet and learn from them in-person? And do not forget that soft skills are what make you superior to machines/robots in the near future.

➡ Access to up-to-date content: As I have mentioned before, we are living in a fast-changing world and we should be surprised about how your life would be influenced by those invisible changes. Digital marketing, for example, is one of the industries which adopts so many new techniques that you even have never heard of. But it makes it possible for you to gain those new tips from marketing specialists just by going to an online course to find out. Obviously, updating advanced knowledge/skills to an online lesson is far more affordable and quicker than adding them to school’s modules, isn’t it?

➡ Unlimited access to lectures with a cost effective way: There are more than 4,000 courses available on Coursera alone which you can choose to study. And the most advantageous aspect of E-learning is that you are allowed to re-watch all videos as much as you want until you fully understand the lessons. By the way, during this coronavirus time, most online courses are on discount or even free. So why not!?

➡ Share course certificates on LinkedIn profile: Another benefit of study on platforms such as Coursera is that after completing a course, you can get a certificate provided by Coursera with your name and educational institutions’ name on and share it to your LinkedIn. Is it necessary? For me, it is a “yes” answer because the recruiters can know right away what kind of skills or expertises you have besides your education background and work experience columns, thus making you become a more competitive candidate for career change.

What can you study from online courses?

There are a load of programs over there waiting for you whether you always wanted to learn coding, sharpen your math skill, discover the world’s history or nurture your artistic aptitude, these online learning platforms offer a broad range of courses from top specialists and professors.

Here is a quick look at your options: business, entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, marketing, coding, programming, IT software, self-development, photography, cooking, parenting, public speaking, time management, communication, social science, engineering, linguistics and so on.

5 recommendations for online learning platforms.


➞ Udemy - Best for average learners: with over 150,000 courses taught in more than 65 languages, Udemy may be the most popular platform now, covering a plethora of topics in which you will definitely find something for yourself.

➞ Coursera - Best for academics: you can access universities' courses that get industry-recognised credentials and even lead to a university degree. Want to know which universities are in? Harvard, Yale, Imperial College London and so on!!!

➞ Skillshare - Best for creatives: a quick hit of creativity from experts on a mobile-friendly platform. Skillshare offers video-based courses in areas such as animation, design, illustration, lifestyle, writing etc., and are taught by prominent artists, writers and other creatives.

➞ Codeacademy: With Codeacademy, you can start at any experience level to learn basic HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, or more. Take a quick quiz to figure out where to start, and start practicing real code. Eventually, you may even be able to build basic websites, apps, and conduct advanced programming.

➞ JMMOC: this is the only Japanese-based platform I want to introduce, which is similar to Udemy and Coursera with thousands of courses in various areas. Members included the University of Tokyo, Meji university, Tohoko university etc.

Apart from those I have listed above, you can easily find more online learning platforms such as edX, Khan academy, Standford online etc.

Hope that you guys can find the best course for yourself!

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