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Based on the idea of "delivering insights to all data and happiness to all people," our company provides "in-house product 1" that optimizes the effectiveness of offline and online advertising and sales promotion, such as TV commercials, using statistical analysis technology.

In order to solve the problems that clients are facing in their marketing activities, we are aiming to further expand our business by developing new products in addition to the current "in-house product 1".

The Product:

<The Product: What is "in-house product 1"?>

Until now, many companies have not made sufficient progress in visualizing the effects of advertising (which advertising and sales promotion measures were effective and which measures were useless), and have been faced with the problem of spending advertising expenses in an ambiguous manner.

With the introduction of our product (1), clients will be able to visualize the impact on sales and the relationship between each advertising measure using statistical analysis technology for advertising expenses that used to be a black box, clarify what expenses should be spent and what should not, and grasp the results and issues of marketing activities from a bird's eye view.

The Highlights


The innovative direction to change the common sense of the entire advertising industry/TVCM


- A former VP of Mercalli as CTO

- The current CTO & VP of Backend at Mercari and people from Google (US) hold monthly advisory board meetings to provide advice and strategic support to improve results.


- Our analysis products are No.1 in Japan in terms of market share and reputation.

- Our clients include Panasonic, L'OCCITANE, LION, doda, KDDI, and many other major companies.

- We have raised 1.2 billion yen in funding this year.

- This year, we raised 1.2 billion yen in funding to invest in new product development and improve the development environment.


- We have senior engineers.

- Adopting the latest technology

- Former VPoE of Mercalli joined as CTO ⇒ Realize an organization where engineers can make good results and earn good money

Ex) 2020: Foundation Phase/ Building the foundation for development and organizational infrastructure (re-architecture, review of evaluation system, etc.)

- Promotion of agile development and completion of re-architecture will be reformed in the future.

- Use marketing data from various business domains for social implementation, and we can contribute to the world where marketing is evaluated aptly from a more quantitative perspective.

- Can learn software engineering to conduct demonstration experiments by yourself.


Flexi-time system