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 AI marketing solution company at Hokkaido



Posted on 2021/03/31
Job type AI Engineer
Programming language Python
Filter by IT skills Python
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 4M yen (Annual)
Salary max 6M yen (Annual)
Japanese level  Daily conversation level
English level Business
Ref ID 5708
Job appeal Foreigner friendly company; Actively using new technologies & tools; Work in English
Contact Name 108
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- Japanese N3 level

- English business level (reading comprehension & conversation is business level)

- R & D experience on machine learning theory and machine learning applications

- 3-4 years of experience in developing software that applies a framework for machine learning (especially based on Deep Learning) (especially related to image recognition that applies CNN etc.)

- It is possible to implement the technology in the paper and apply / improve the technology.

- It is possible to develop by applying various OSS.

- Those who have graduated from a Japanese university or have worked in Japan

Good to have

- Winning experience in data analysis competitions such as Kaggle and high scores in competitive programming such as LeetCode and AtCoder

- Skills and knowledge of FPGA and GPGPU applications to machine learning

- Ability to edit technical documents.

- Management experience

- Experience in C and C++ development

About the company

In order to build the "future" of the retail industry, we are looking for a diverse group of people from around the world who have a strong interest in AI and other cutting-edge technologies. By developing and operating our own products and new businesses using cutting-edge AI-related technologies, we are revolutionizing the entire "Retail x AI" industry in ways never seen before.

Would you like to create the future with the elite of the AI business?

Work Responsibilities

This is the team that will create the next business of the company that will revolutionize the entire RETAIL x AI industry. The team conducts research on cutting-edge AI technologies, and develops technologies not only for software but also for hardware. We are also engaged in a wide range of activities to implement the technologies we develop in the real world, from considering new service ideas to verifying them through PoC and building business models.

We are looking for engineers who can lead the forefront of AI technology development, who can create unprecedented technologies, systems, and services from both technology and business perspectives, utilizing our own cutting-edge AI-related technologies with our industry-leading customers.

Preferred personality

- Bright and energetic

- Good communication skills

- Have the mindset to work in a venture environment.


Total: 60 people (including part-time workers)

Foreign nationals: Several (India, China, Vietnam, Spain, Mexico, Russia, etc.)

Internal language: Japanese, English

Working hours

10:00 - 19:00 *Discretionary work system

Welfare and Benefits

Transportation expenses paid in full, social insurance, training support system

(The company will pay for relevant books and participation in seminars and training to help you improve your skills.


2 days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)

Year-end and New Year vacations, annual paid vacations

Interview Process

Application Screening

→First round interview

→Final interview

→Offer of employment

→Joining the company


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