Android Application Development Engineer/ Digital Marketing/ Native English

 The COO Inc.



Posted on 2021/08/31
Job type Others
Programming language Node.js
Filter by IT skills Ruby on rails
Salary min 6 million yen
Salary max 10 million yen
English level Native
Ref ID 5671
Job appeal Remote work; Flex time; Upstream development projects (上流工程); Actively using new technologies & tools; Flat organizational structure
  • Japanese: To Be Confirmed
  • English: Advanced business to native level
  • Experience in developing and releasing native Android applications using Kotlin (regardless of scale)
  • Ability to incorporate abstract requirements into the system
  • Experience of working with Product Managers and Designers to develop.
  • Experience in developing live streaming applications using HLS / RTMP(S).
  • Experience in implementing complex UIs.
  • Experience in implementing payment systems using IAB.
  • Experience in server-side development.
  • Experience as a lead engineer.
Good to have

To be confirmed

About the Company

THECOO Co., Ltd. is a fan community business, influencer marketing and digital marketing business provider.

  • Operation of fanicon, a fan community app for influencers and core fans

  • Operation of iCON Suite to visualize the value of influencers

  • Operation of RIPPLY, a media to think about influencer marketing

  • Operation of iCON CAST which connects YouTubers and companies

  • Online marketing consulting service

Work Responsibilities

What is Fanicon?

Launched in December 2017, Fanicon is a "closed" fan community application with a monthly membership system where icons and their core fans work together to build up the community. (We currently have over 2700 communities). Icons themselves are involved in the planning of the content, making it easy for them to create a community that will delight their fans and give them a sense of fulfillment, unlike existing fan clubs.

Features of Fanicon:

  • Exclusive fan community posts

  • Live and radio streaming

  • Threads Scratch function

  • Web shop

  • Exclusive ticket sales

  • These are just a few of the features we have and we are looking to develop more in the future.

What you will be responsible for:

  • Development and operation of new features for

  • Android applications using Kotlin.

  • We are looking for an experienced developer to join our team. You will be responsible for the development of new features for Android applications using Kotlin. Reviewing specifications with PMs and designers, improving UI/UX, planning and developing to grow Fanicon. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to be involved in the planning and implementation of new features.

Recently released additional features:

  • Digital Flower

  • Free price plan

  • Original Super Stamp Animation

  • Membership card sharing

  • Survey function

Preferred Personality

  • Empathy for THECOO's values.

  • Someone who can blend in with the company’s culture

  • If you are not afraid to create and release your own products, and if you want to solve problems with your own technical skills.

Development Environment

  • API: Node.js, Express

  • iOS: Swift, RxSwift

  • Android: Kotlin

  • Web Front: Vue.js, Webpack

  • Infrastructure: GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

  • Others: GitHub, Slack, Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, MySQL, Sequelize, Redis, Confluence, Stripe, BigQuery


AWS (EC2, RDS, Elasticsearch), Ruby on Rails HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap VirtualBox, Docker, Vagrant LINE Messaging API Salesforce API

Development support environment: Slack, Notion

Development method: Agile development


Total: 58 employees

Development team: 12 people

Internal language: 70% Japanese, 30% English (We have engineers who are half Korean, half Taiwanese, half Indonesian and half Japanese)

We are a flat organization with many young employees.

You can work in a high-level technical environment with members who have worked at Google/DeNA/LINE.

We are a small company, so you can enjoy the daily changes and create something new.

Working Hours

Work Hours: Full flexibility (within reasonable limits)

It is possible that you may be asked to work certain hours depending on your orientation and familiarity with the job.

Welfare and Benefits

  • Full social insurance

  • Commuting expenses

  • Regular health checks

  • Resort trips and overseas training

  • Good environment for skills development through participation in workshops and training, purchase of books, etc.

  • Discretionary work system

  • Benefit station

  • Fully remote OK

  • Flexible working hours

  • Clean office

  • Foreign staff

  • Engineering workshops

  • Upstream challenges

  • Proactive about new technologies

  • Flat team


  • 2 days off per week (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

  • Year-end and New Year holidays

  • Annual paid holidays

  • Congratulation or condolence leave

  • Female leave (menstrual leave etc)

  • Family leave (sick leave for family members, leave for children's school entrance and graduation ceremonies)

Evaluation Process

Application Screening (English Resume only OK)

First Interview

Second interview

Final interview Job Offer

*Online screening available


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