Android Engineer for Recipe Application / N2

 No.1 Cooking media in Japan



Posted on 2021/01/26
Job type Mobile Application Engineer
Programming language Java, Kotlin
Filter by IT skills Kotlin/Java
Filter by years of experience 1 - 3 Years
Salary min 4.0 M Yen (Annual)
Salary max 8.0 M Yen (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5811
Job appeal Full-Time Employee; Flex time; Less to No Overtime; Foreigner friendly company
Contact Name 4225
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- Japanese: N2 top ~ (Babel: 13 ~)

- Development experience of Android native application

- People who have released their own apps (regardless of company or individual)

- Library management by gradle is possible in Android Studio

* Excluding development with hybrid apps

Good to have

- Experience related to growth hack measures for BtoC apps, knowledge about growth hacks

- Knowledge and maintenance experience of CI / CD environment on Android

- Knowledge and implementation experience of micro-interaction in application development

- Collaboration skills such as teaming and coaching

About the company

We are developing the following multiple businesses / services centered on Japan's No. 1 recipe video service "Product A". In July 2018, we entered into a capital tie-up agreement with Yahoo Japan Corporation, and in April 2020, we acquired 100% of its shares in T company, which operates women's media, from Yahoo Japan, and became a wholly owned subsidiary. Although we have a capital relationship with Yahoo Japan Corporation, we continue to maintain our independence and are aiming for an IPO (initial public offering) in the future.

Work Responsibilities

- Design / development / test / delivery of Android application of own product A

- Maintenance and improvement of CI / CD environment and release flow of Android application

- Android application requirements

- Coordination and negotiation with stakeholders regarding specifications

- High fidelity prototype development by design prototyping (depending on the person's intention)

- Scrum team (depending on the person's intention)

- Other team building support

- Solving other organizational and technical issues based on the individual's intentions

Preferred personality

- Those who can sympathize with the company's mission / vision

- Persons who are service-oriented and who can select technology and design implementations in order to extend services rather than individual opinions

- Those who want to develop data-driven based on action logs and numerical values

- In team development, those who can prioritize the output of the entire team and follow members and improve development methods

Development environment

- Java 7 - Kotlin - ExoPlayer - material design

- Dagger2 - RxJava2 - Retrofit2 - Android DataBinding - EventBus - FragmentArgs - Parcels - Picasso - DeployGate - GitHub - Slack


Number of employees: 160 (no foreign nationals)

Average age: 29.4 years old

Male/female ratio: 56%, 43%.

Working hours

Flextime: Core time 10: 00-16: 00,

Flexible time: 7:00 to 10:00, 16:00 to 19:00

Scheduled working hours: 8 hours / day (average)

Welfare and Benefits

Commuting allowance, housing allowance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance


2 days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) ,Paid leave 10 to 20 days Holidays 120 days Full weekly two-day system (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays),

* You may come to work 0 to 2 times a year when there is an event, but you can take substitute holidays.

- There is an internal activity system of the company (with activity subsidy)

- There is a system where you can eat the dishes taken for the recipe video (free of charge)

- Side business is possible (some conditions apply / application required)

Interview Process

Document screening (English resume only OK)

1st interview (personnel) Assignment selection (WEB)

2nd interview (personnel, site manager)

Final interview (executive, representative) → informal decision


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