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Posted on 2021/04/02
Job type Mobile Application Engineer
Programming language Kotlin/java
Filter by IT skills Kotlin/Java
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 5.0 M JPY (Annual)
Salary max 7.0 M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5732
Job appeal in-house development
Contact Name 103
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- Japanese N3 advanced - equivalent to N2

- Experience in Android app development and operation using Kotlin

- Experience in writing unit tests on a regular basis

- Experience using and implementing Jetpack features such as Android Architecture Components

- Experience using the following libraries (Dagger, Firebase, Kotlin Coroutines, Kotlin Flow, Data Binding, Git, CI/CD)

- Knowledge of MVP, MVVM, etc.

- Experience implementing applications that work with REST APIs

Good to have

- Experience in developing applications using the Nearby API.

- Experience in using Bitrise.

- Experience with image processing in applications

- Experience implementing image processing in applications.

- Experience leading a team as a tech lead.

- Experience in server-side development.

- Daily conversation level of English

About the company

We provide a photo sales service based on our vision of "creating a platform that enriches family communication".

Product 1: A photo sales service for nursery schools with more than 2,200 installed facilities and nearly 150,000 users in Japan. This service allows parents and families to view photos of children taken by childcare workers from their PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and to communicate with them. Photos taken by childcare staff are automatically sent to the server, where they are organized and shared using image recognition technology.

In-house Product 2: A service that uses technology to streamline and improve the nursery school napping check (checking the afternoon sleep of children at five-minute intervals). The service was launched with the hope that childcare workers would have more time to focus on the growth of the children.

We are looking forward to working with you to create a platform that enriches family communication and to take on the challenge of building a smart preschool, a business with high social significance. We are actively looking for new colleagues who will take on the challenge of "enriching family communication around the world".

Work Responsibilities

As a development engineer in the ToB/ToC business, which creates new social infrastructure for families, you will be responsible for the development and operation of Android applications for all of our products.

Preferred personality

- People who really want to change the current situation of the childcare industry and family communication.

- Someone who can identify issues in the current system and system structure, and proactively take action for improvement.

- Someone who is always working to improve their skills as an engineer.

- Someone who can work together to develop the product without forgetting to respect the team members.

Development environment

Language: Ruby(Web), Swift(iOS), Java/Kotlin(Android)

Version control: Git

Repository management: Bitbucket

Infrastructure: AWS

CI: Bitrise

Communication: Slack

Documentation: Confluence



Total: 150 people

Average age: 36 years old

Server-side engineers: 10 (including 2 from Korea, 1 from China, 1 from the UK, 1 from Bangladesh, 1 from the US, 1 from India, 1 from the Philippines, 1 from Spain, 1 from Poland)

Working hours

Flextime system *Core time 10:00-17:00 *Working from home is negotiable

Welfare and Benefits

- Health insurance, employee pension insurance, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance

- Full commuting expenses and self-development assistance

- There are many mothers and fathers in our organization, so we have a flexible work style.

-Permission for second job, shareholding system

- Lending of PC (you can choose the PC you want)

- Health checkup and flu vaccination assistance

- Water server

- Office Glico


- Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)

- National holidays

- Annual paid vacation (1 day granted immediately after joining the company)

- Other vacations

Congratulation, condolence, summer, year-end, and New Year vacations

- Special leave for new employees (1 day granted)

- Menstrual leave

- Marriage leave

- Childcare leave

- Maternity leave

- Nursing care leave

- Family care leave

Interview Process

Application Screening⇒First Interview⇒Assignment⇒Final Interview

*It takes about one to two weeks from application to offer.

*The number of interviews may increase or decrease depending on the situation.


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