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Posted on 2021/04/08
Job type Infrastructure / Network Engineer
Programming language AWS/Azure/GCP
Filter by IT skills AWS/Azure/GCP
Filter by years of experience 1 - 3 Years
Salary min 3.5 JPY (Annual)
Salary max 6.0M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Beginner)
English level None
Ref ID 5677
Job appeal Lots of benefits & Allowances; Foreigner friendly company
Contact Name 3891
Your email address

- Japanese: Babel 12~ (Reference: N2 level)

- At least 2 years of knowledge and experience in cloud computing such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

- At least 2 years of experience in designing and building servers, both physical and virtual

Good to have

- 1 year or more of server design/construction experience regardless of physical/virtual

- Experience in building virtual environments such as Hyper-V, Docker, etc.

- Able to communicate proactively regardless of age

- Management experience (regardless of the number of people)

- Experience in project management of some kind

About the company

We support client’s business with total solutions, including dispatching, business contracting, scheduled referral dispatching, contract development of systems, and system consulting. It is listed on JASDAQ, which corresponds to a cluster that mainly engages in fields that require high technology, such as university graduates and above.

Our company has a wide range of projects, including joint development with group companies, and we prepare positions that make the most of your skills and select teams while respecting your wishes, not only to improve your technical skills as an engineer but also to improve your career to management.

We are also focusing on the development of engineers, and are working to enhance our education system. We are actively recruiting a wide range of human resources and have an abundance of human resources who can handle not only operation and maintenance but also upstream processes such as requirements definition, design, and consulting.

Currently, we have more than 800 clients, and we have earned the trust of our customers by focusing on system development and infrastructure construction in a wide range of industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, and finance.

Work Responsibilities

You will be in charge of all operations from design to operation of cloud projects centered on AWS at the IT Contracting Division in Akihabara headquarters.

If you have previous experience in AWS design (mainly VPC, EC2, RDS, etc.), AWS environment, OS, middleware construction, etc., you will be able to play a central role in the team!

Preferred personality

- Able to communicate and involve others in the work

- Experience in developing in a team environment

Development environment

<Environment> AWS (EC2, Fargate, Aurora, Lambda, Kinesis, etc.)/Azure/GCP/Hyper-V/Docker

<OS environment>Windows/Linux



3,419 employees (including 80% engineers)

Number of domestic branches: 13 (Tokyo, Tochigi, Yamanashi, Kanagawa, Aichi, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka)

Number of overseas branches: 3 (Philippines, Taiwan, Poland)

Working hours

9:00~18:00 (1 hour break)

May vary depending on the assignment.

Average overtime work: 20 hours

Welfare and Benefits

-All transportation expenses paid

-Overtime allowance (100% paid)

-Job allowance - Position allowance

-Family allowance -Rewards

-Congratulation money for acquiring qualifications (*conditions apply)

-Housing allowance (*conditions apply)

-Various social insurance

-Single/family dormitory (*conditions apply)

-Relocation and rent subsidies (*conditions apply)

-Holding company (parent company: Yumeshin Holdings)

-Defined contribution pension plan

-Use of services of the health insurance association

(TJK/Benefit Station)

Accommodation facilities, sports facilities, restaurants, leisure, and entertainment

School (qualifications, etc.) - Lifecare (childcare, nursing care, etc.)

-Special discount for home appliances

-Recreational facilities (Karuizawa, Hakone, etc.)

-Circle activities (futsal, games, English conversation, etc.)


- Weekends and national holidays off (Saturday work is required about twice a year)

- 122 days off per year

- Paid vacations

- Congratulation or condolence leave

- Childcare leave

- Nursing care leave

- Maternity leave

- Menstrual leave

- Bone marrow donor leave

Interview Process

Document screening

First interview (recruitment personnel)

1.5 interviews (Japanese language proficiency check)


*Online screening is possible (face-to-face interview may be arranged if you live nearby)


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