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 Developing SaaS platform related to medical industry



Posted on 2021/03/26
Job type Server-side Engineer
Programming language Php, python
Filter by IT skills PHP
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 4.0 M JPY(Annual)
Salary max 7.0 M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level Business
Ref ID 5913
Job appeal Flex time
Contact Name 4239
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-At least 3 years of experience in creating documents in Japanese (specifications and definitions)

-Understanding of the basics of requirements definition and basic design

-At least 3 years of experience in web application development in some language

-Japanese N2 equivalent

-Business level of English (No English skills required for those with business level Japanese)

Good to have

-Experience in development using Javascript and PHP

-Ability to perform code reviews and test-driven development

-Ability to control vendors.

About the company

A start-up venture that develops and provides vertical SaaS specialized in clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies. We are developing SaaS with a desire to "deliver new treatment options to as many patients as possible as soon as possible by solving problems in the health domain, especially in the clinical trial field, from a system perspective. By connecting B to B services and B to C services, we can deliver new drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies to patients who need them. And by rapidly collecting the evidence necessary for new drug approval, we are contributing to reducing the time and cost in new drug development.

・ Clinical trials including clinical trials

・ Improvement of work efficiency related to clinical research

・ Development and sales of platform system (SaaS)

・ Clinical trial information for patients using the Internet

・ Medical information matching service

・ Support services for recruiting clinical trial subjects

・ Clinical trial

・ Development and sales of application software for healthcare-related smartphones and personal computers

・ Medical care for patients using the Internet

・ Healthcare specialized SNS service

・ Patient PHR business

Work Responsibilities

You will be involved in the design, development, and maintenance of in-house products for pharmaceutical companies or for patients.

[Specific tasks]

 -Document creation (specifications and definitions) *You will mainly be doing this.

 -Depending on your skills, you may be entrusted with the following tasks.

 -Microservice development of our SaaS CRM application and web services

 -Requirement definition and design

 -Planning proposal, design and development of backend part depending on your interest

[The appeal of the job]

-You can be involved in the development of a new business and witness the growth of a product that you created from scratch.

-In addition to the desire to provide better services, we actively incorporate new technologies without being overly concerned with conventional technologies in order to improve the skills of our engineers and increase their motivation for development.

-I believe you will find it rewarding to be able to develop products that contribute to society in the field of medicine.

-You will feel rewarded to develop products that contribute to society in the medical field.

[The atmosphere in the company]

We are an organization that places great importance on teamwork. As a result, we have a wide range of employees in their 20s to 50s, but we exchange opinions and work as a team regardless of age. In addition, we have a culture of mutual support across departments, so people with no experience in the industry can work with ease.

Preferred personality

-Those who can sympathize with our mission and action guidelines

-Those who are not satisfied with the current situation and can seek a better method

-Those who can value teamwork

-Those who can communicate smoothly with others

Development environment

-Development language: HTML5/CSS3,Javascript


-Version control: GitLab

-Data base: Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

-Infrastructure environment: AWS

-Development environment: docker

-Communication: Slack

-Internal tools:GSuite


Total number of employees: 16

Foreign employees: 1 (Sweden)

Engineers: 5

Working hours

Flexible time system

(Flexible time... Start time: 8:00~11:00, End time 15:00~20:00)

Core time: 11:00~15:00

Average overtime: approx. 10 hours (depending on position)

Welfare and Benefits

-Full social insurance

-All transportation expenses paid

(commuter pass or actual round-trip expenses for each day of work, whichever is lower)

-Some remote work is possible.

(Currently, we have employees who basically work at home due to the Corona disaster.

Currently, we ask our employees to work from home, but come to the office once a quarter or as needed.)


-2 days off per week (Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)

-Summer vacation

-Year-end and New Year vacations

-Annual paid vacations

-Special leave (Birthday leave, spouse/partner's birthday leave, family leave, etc.)

Interview Process

Application Screening ⇒

2~3 interviews (skill check after the first interview) ⇒

Offer / Joining the company

*Online interview available


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