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The use of technology in the fashion industry is gradually increasing. This use of technology in fashion is known as fashion tech. Here we introduce some of the services that are making their presence felt at home and abroad, and further explain the potential of fashion tech.
What can you do If you have been so successful at one job for so long…moved up, and ultimately "stuck in" the same scene.....How do you make a change? After a long time of keeping up with a 'dream' job, now you realize it's not really 'your dream' any longer?
The wave of digitization is sweeping across all industries and sectors, and the use of technology is becoming increasingly common in business units. Now that sales tech has begun to permeate the market, it can be said that we are in a transitional period, moving from an era of earning money with feet and guts to an era of making numbers with data and theory. In this column, we will look at the skills needed in this sales tech era and the challenges that sales tech faces.
This article briefly introduces the new and upcoming programming language called, "Rust" based on a survey conducted by an IT talent recruitment company Findy.