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The wave of digitization is sweeping across all industries and sectors, and the use of technology is becoming increasingly common in business units. Now that sales tech has begun to permeate the market, it can be said that we are in a transitional period, moving from an era of earning money with feet and guts to an era of making numbers with data and theory. In this column, we will look at the skills needed in this sales tech era and the challenges that sales tech faces.
This article briefly introduces the new and upcoming programming language called, "Rust" based on a survey conducted by an IT talent recruitment company Findy.
This article sheds light on the recent trends, future job prospects, and upcoming issues in the IT industry one should expect as an IT professional.
Japan is known as one of the most advanced countries when it comes to technology, but the country is struggling in achieving sustainable growth while coping with a rapid population decline. The country is compelled to incorporate the innovations of the fourth industrial revolution such as the “Internet of Things (IoT)”, big data, artificial intelligence, robots, and the sharing economy into every industry and society.