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If we focus on the IT field, we often hear that "digital transformation (DX) personnel" are in demand. IT engineers, in particular, are essential to a company's DX strategy, and there is a continuing shortage of them.
Governments, businesses, and markets around the world all face unprecedented challenges as the spread of the new COVID-19 virus continues to disrupt mobility, people's social interactions, and collaboration in traditional ways. As financial institutions look for new ways to remotely conduct business successfully and solve problems, the ability to access, discover, and leverage data is more important than ever.
Summarize the impact of the COVID-19 on engineers from different perspectives, and discuss the changes that have occurred and the future outlook from the perspective of the IT industry.
The wave of digitization is sweeping across all industries and sectors, and the use of technology is becoming increasingly common in business units. Now that sales tech has begun to permeate the market, it can be said that we are in a transitional period, moving from an era of earning money with feet and guts to an era of making numbers with data and theory. In this column, we will look at the skills needed in this sales tech era and the challenges that sales tech faces.