Bridge System Engineer (BrSe)/ Consulting Services/ Fluent English/ Japanese N2 Intermediate or above

 Flight System Consulting Inc.



Posted on 2021/09/09
Job type Bridge Engineer (BrSe)
Programming language To be confirmed
Salary min 4 million yen (annually)
Salary max 7 million yen (annually)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level Fluent
Ref ID 5982
Job appeal Full-Time Employee; Upstream development projects (上流工程); Work in English; Lead/ PM
  • English Level: Fluent
  • Japanese N2 intermediate level or higher (ability to read and write Japanese documents required)
  • Experience in hardware development
  • People aiming to become Project Leaders/ Managers
Good to have

Experience as a PM/PL

About the Company

100% subsidiary of Flight Holdings (holding company) listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Consulting & Solutions Business:

Since its establishment, the company has provided system consulting services to digital broadcasting and digital media-related companies and local governments, which are its strengths; technical consulting services related to networks and object-oriented technologies; system development, construction, and maintenance; and development of various software for smartphones and mobile terminals such as the iPhone. We also develop software for smartphones and mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Our Services:

Research, development, and provision of Japan's first solution that enables multiple payments such as credit cards and electronic money using smart devices.

Examples of our in-house products:

◎Payment Meister, a dedicated payment application

◎Incredist premium, a dedicated payment terminal If you use the Incredist Trinity, you can make payments without a tablet!

Work Responsibilities

In order to promote the development PJ of the company's products (payment terminals), you will be responsible for any of the following, depending on your aptitude.

  • Market research: overseas trends/case studies, trends in security and latest technologies

  • Development and maintenance of the company's products (software and hardware).

  • You will be responsible for defining requirements, controlling overseas partners, checking quality, creating documents, and responding to customer inquiries using English.

  • Dealing with problems that arise and adjusting schedules.

  • Our engineers will do the actual system development, but depending on your wishes and abilities, you may also be entrusted with overall PJ management, basic system design, specification reviews, etc.

About your department:

Service Business

-Research, development and sales of our products.

Currently, as a pioneer in the market, we are developing and selling cutting-edge products that meet the needs of the times!

Our Products/ Services:

◎Dedicated payment application "Payment Meister

◎Multi-payment terminal "Incredist

◎Multi-payment terminal "Incredist Premium

◎Programless solution "Scenaria

◎Incredist Trinity Stationary Multi-Payment Device

◎Elite Station, IP telephony handset with contactless charging function

Number of employees in each department:

-Approximately 40 people

Preferred Personality

  • Those who want to contribute to society through IT

  • Those who want to polish their skills and grow into professionals

  • Those who want to create something fresh and innovative with novel ideas and energy.

Development Environment

To be confirmed

Organizational Structure

104 employees as of 2020/03/31

1 international employee of Korean nationality

Working Hours

Average overtime: 30 hours/ month

Welfare and Benefits

  • Social insurance: health, welfare pension, employment, workers' compensation

  • Commuting allowance

  • Overtime allowance

  • Recreational facilities

  • Financial savings plan

  • Regular health checkups

  • Congratulatory gift money

  • Wedding gift money

  • Condolence money


  • Weekends every week

  • Public holidays

  • Year End and New Year Leave

  • Summer Vacation

  • Annual Leave

  • Special Leave

Evaluation Process

  • First interview

  • WEB test

  • Final interview (face-to-face required)

*For those who live far away from the company, the first and second interview can be done via the web, but the final interview might be face-to-face.

(Transportation expenses not provided)


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