Creating your Career Plan in Japan

Creating your Career Plan in Japan


Before we talk about the Career Plan especially in Japan, I would like to talk about how important this is for you. Planning allows you to have more control over what is to come and prepare you for opportunities. However, it is important that you have a good self-analysis, be open to criticism, and mainly be determined. Planning your career is not so different from planning your business or project. The strategy that applies is the same, however, it is you who will execute it according to your goals.

So, for that, I separated the steps into 5 parts (Analysis, Planning, Execution, Evaluation, and Performance)

1. Analysis

Japan Life and Culture

The first point of the analysis is to understand the variations in Japan, such as costs, culture, labor market, and so on. Knowing the average cost of rent, energy and everything that is essential for your life during your career is important to achieve success. Comparing costs with the currency of your home country and other countries can show you where the cost can compromise your planning.

Ask Yourself

The second point of the analysis, is to ask yourself: What do I want to be in 5 years (for example) as a Professional? Also, what kind of lifestyle do I want to have in those same years? Do not be afraid to project something far beyond reality, remember, everything is possible as long as you are patient and determined because often your career and dreams go side by side.


This part is very important because it is the point of origin of your evolution. Knowing your weaknesses and talents will be important during your journey. For example, if you are an impatient person, you have to put in your goals something that can correct this so that it does not disturb you. Like the negative points, knowing your positive points in order to improve them will give you the necessary solution in difficult moments. 

2. Planning

Make Goal by Steps
Creating your planning in stages is important. It is worth it for years, for months, for achievements, etc.
For example, if you want to be a department manager but today you are an intern, you must put the steps of "being effective in “1 year, "is a leader in 3 years“ until you "being a manager in 5 years“. Within each stage, the key points must be inserted to complete each one. Want a tip? Try to make a calendar with your goals for 3 and 5 years (I particularly use Google Calendar for this and even for daily tasks).

Financial Needs
Once you understand the costs of your essentials (at least a little) you will have a better understanding of the cost for each Step. For example, if within your plan, fluency in the language is essential, since you have the average cost of Language Class, you’ll know in your planning how much money is needed to achieve fluency.

Financial Management
Speaking of investments in your career, you need to have in your goals the ways to maintain financial control. It is worth creating savings plans, using applications, considering promotions, or even extra work (of course, as long as you agree with your company). Guaranteeing the financial means guaranteeing security in the execution of your career. Ah, very important to have a ”Security Reserve” considering the expenses of 1 year (keep it in your bank account because surprises happen). It can save you!

3. Execution

Sell ​​yourself with confidence

During your journey, you will have opportunities to expose your ideas and knowledge. It’s important that you know how to promote yourself, so people will see you as a strong person. Self-confidence and self-worth will be fundamental for others to see you in the way necessary for your success.


Check your progress regularly

We are often super busy and forget our own goals. However, it is important to be aware of your progress. For this, it is worth using a calendar, post-it, reminders, etc. The important thing is to stay on planning and celebrate each achievement.

Patience and Dedication

This in my opinion is fundamental. Once you have a well-done plan, having patience and dedication will be the fuel for every step you take, especially because everything will not always go 100% right, and understanding this is essential to keep your spirits up and move on.

4. Evaluation

Ask Feedback, understand the critics

A very important tip for our evolution during our career is to ask for the opinion of those involved in it. Colleagues? boss? your wife and friends? The more feedback you receive, the more information you will have to analyze. Be prepared for criticism. As much as they often bother us, understanding them in order to overcome them is extremely important because, many times, we don't notice our own defects (and they may be sabotaging our projects).

5. Performance


Something very important for the performance of your career is to be always participating in the activities of the company or project. Of course, don't do the impossible, however, participating in events with co-workers (even if it's a beer at the end of the day) can strengthen your ties within the company. In addition, it can be a great opportunity to practice your communication (such as the Japanese language).

Tools and techniques

To reach your goals, any help is welcome, correct? So a tip is to use tools and new techniques to improve your performance. I particularly use emails, notepads, reminders, financial managers, applications, etc. Many end up being a good investment, ensuring speed and security for your planning


Just as participating in company activities is important to reinforce ties between colleagues, participating in outside events (especially within your work segment) is very important to increase your network. Not only to ensure knowledge but also with good networking, it is possible to obtain information in a more specific way. They can be instrumental in showing the risks and opportunities you’ll face.


Your performance depends on it and you must include in your plan ways to maintain your knowledge updated. Also, communication is within your knowledge that the more you get deeper, the better successful changes you will have.

Seek Cooperation

Understand, alone you’re strong but, as a group, you are stronger! Searching for the right people to support your plan is very important. It is worth hiring a Couching or even a mentor. The important thing is to have within your goals as people who are relevant for you to fulfill your goals.