Data Engineer needed to develop Japan's no.1 Recipe Apps

 No.1 Cooking media in Japan



Posted on 2020/12/22
Job type Others
Programming language Python, SQL
Filter by IT skills Python
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 4.0M JPY (Annual)
Salary max 10.0M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5813
Job appeal Remote work; Full-Time Employee; Flex time
Contact Name 4225
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-Japanese language: N2 upwards (Babel: 13 upwards)

-Experience in designing, building and operating infrastructure architecture using AWS/GCP

-Experience in development work using programming languages

-Experience working with SQL

Good to have

-Experience in development and operation using container technology

-Experience in building and operating a data infrastructure using AWS/GCP

-Experience in web application development

About the company

We are developing the following multiple businesses / services centered on Japan's No. 1 recipe video service "Kurasil". In July 2018, dely signed a capital tie-up agreement with Yahoo Japan Corporation, and in April 2020, acquired 100% of his shares in TRILL, Inc., which operates the women's media "TRILL," from Yahoo Japan. And made it a wholly owned subsidiary. Although we have a capital relationship with Yahoo Japan Corporation, we continue to maintain our independence and are aiming for an IPO (initial public offering) in the future.

Work Responsibilities

Business promotion and function development are being done with a high degree of agility by making them independent.

However, because of this, user behavior logs and business data are easily dispersed, making it difficult to analyze data across services.

In order to support data analysis with a highly reliable data infrastructure, we are looking for a data engineer who can work with us to improve the data infrastructure.

Preferred personality

-Able to empathize with the company's mission and vision.

-Service oriented and able to select technologies and design implementations to improve services rather than personal opinions.

-A person who wants to do data-driven development based on behavior logs and numerical values.

-In team development, a person who can follow up with team members and improve development methods while prioritizing the output of the entire team.

Development environment

- Java 7 - Kotlin - ExoPlayer - material design

- Dagger2 - RxJava2 - Retrofit2 - Android DataBinding - EventBus - FragmentArgs - Parcels - Picasso - DeployGate - GitHub - Slack


Number of employees: 160 (no foreign nationals)

Average age: 29.4 years old

Male/female ratio: 56%, 43%.

Working hours

Flextime: Core time 10: 00-16: 00,

Flexible time: 7:00 to 10:00, 16:00 to 19:00

Scheduled working hours: 8 hours / day (average)

Welfare and Benefits

Commuting allowance, housing allowance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance


2 days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) ,Paid leave 10 to 20 days Holidays 120 days Full weekly two-day system (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays),

* You may come to work 0 to 2 times a year when there is an event, but you can take substitute holidays.

- There is an internal activity system of the company (with activity subsidy)

- There is a system where you can eat the dishes taken for the recipe video (free of charge)

- Side business is possible (some conditions apply / application required)

Interview Process

Document screening (English resume only OK)

1st interview (personnel) Assignment selection (WEB)

2nd interview (personnel, site manager)

Final interview (executive, representative) → job offer


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