Fan community platform service

Contact Name: 137
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Address: Tokyo

The Company:

The Company is a fan community business, influencer marketing and digital marketing business provider.

- Operation of a fan community app for influencers and core fans

- Operation to visualize the value of influencers

- Operation of media to think about influencer marketing

- Operation of marketing measures to connect YouTubers and companies

- Online marketing consulting services

The Product:

- Fan community application

- Marketing consulting business

- Influencer management business

The Highlights


- Partner to maintain the status quo
- Continue to challenge the unsuccessful

Employees: 59
Company language: Japanese 70%, English 30%

(There are several foreign engineers who are half-Japanese and half-Korean/Indonesian/Taiwanese)

- It is a flat organization with many young employees.
- Because it is a small company, all employees can enjoy daily changes and create something new.

[Profession / Product]
- Development and operation of in-house products

It is a fan community app. We provide services that allow talents and influencers to easily create paid fan clubs and interact with their fans.

API: Node.js, Express
iOS: Swift, RxSwift
Android: Kotlin
Web Front: Vue.js, Webpack
Infrastructure: GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
Others: GitHub, Slack, Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, MySQL, Sequelize, Redis, Confluence, Stripe, BigQuery

■ The Others
AWS (EC2, RDS, Elasticsearch)
Ruby on Rails
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap
VirtualBox, Docker, Vagrant
LINE Messaging API
Salesforce API

We have a good working environment with high respect for engineers.

- We provide the machine of your choice (Mac, Windows) and multi-display environment.
- Flex work
- Earphones are allowed during work.
- Good environment for skill development such as study sessions, participation in training, purchase of books, etc.
- You will be able to reflect your own opinions, learned technologies and designs to the project immediately and flexibly.
- Opportunity to experience new technologies such as new features of GCP.
- Projects have a sense of speed due to the emphasis on providing business value to customers.