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Posted on 2021/04/06
Job type Front-end Engineer
Programming language HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc
Filter by IT skills Angular/Vue/React
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 4.2M JPY(Annual)
Salary max 7.2M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5937
Job appeal Remote work; Flex time
Contact Name 112
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- At least 3 years of front-end development experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript environment

- Experience coding responsive websites

- Experience developing with task runners such as Gulp

- Experience developing and implementing using a template engine such as Pug

- Experience in CSS development and implementation using SASS and SCSS

- Experience in team development using version control tools such as Git

- Experience developing with frameworks such as Vue.js, Nuxt, MVC, etc.

- Business Level Japanese

Good to have

- Knowledge of CSS design with high maintainability and scalability

- Knowledge and experience in building development environments and improving workflows

- Experience with server-side development such as node.js

- Experience in designing service UI by oneself

- Experience in developing specifications for backend collaboration

- Experience in the website production direction

- Experience designing APIs

About the company

The company is a one-stop store for interactive marketing, realizing direct contact between consumers and companies through community sites and real events. We handle the entire process of planning, development, and execution of all projects in-house. One of our features is our ability to produce total solutions, from strategic planning for corporate branding to system construction and service operation.

In addition, as a producer of Internet strategies, we compete with consulting firms and major advertising agencies and have a proven track record of providing services to many leading companies. We have worked directly with national clients such as Ajinomoto, JAL, Shiseido, Unilever, and Morinaga Seika to build their membership sites.

Work Responsibilities

Develop modules for CRM solution platforms for major consumer goods manufacturers and service providers.

You will be responsible for customization and application development at the time of client implementation.

Preferred personality

Venture-minded and willing to work together to grow the company.

Ability to develop with UX in mind.

Development environment

HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.


Japan: 66 (25 remote) Singapore: 3 Foreigners: 7 (Brazil, China, Vietnam, France, Taiwan)

Average age: 30s

Internal language: Japanese, English, Chinese

Working hours

Flextime system (Core time: 08:30-11:30 only during the trial period)

8 hours work

Average overtime: 30 hours/month

Welfare and Benefits

- Transportation expenses paid in full

- Health insurance, pension, unemployment insurance, and worker's compensation insurance

- Housing subsidy (50,000 yen/month for employees who live within 3km of the office)

- Housing subsidy (50,000 yen per month for employees living within 3km of the office (after probation period))

- Remote work support system: Meal service that delivers frozen meals for a few days once a month, online yoga class attendance service, etc.

 This is a company where it is easy to work while raising children, doing housework, or caring for family members.


- 2 days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)

- Annual paid vacations (10 days paid after 6 months of work if 80% or more of employees attend work)

- Year-end and New Year vacations, summer vacation, maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave, congratulation or condolence leave

Interview Process

Application screening→First interview→Final interview→Offer→Hiring

*There may be a test.

*Please submit a portfolio if you have one.


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