Fullstack engineer (PM level)/ No. 1 market share in the AI-OCR solutions/ N2

 No. 1 market share in the AI-OCR solutions



Posted on 2021/04/19
Job type Fullstack Engineer
Filter by IT skills Java
Filter by years of experience 5 - 10 Years
Salary min 6.0M JPY (Annual)
Salary max 9.0M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Advanced)
English level None
Ref ID 5957
Job appeal Foreigner friendly company; Actively using new technologies & tools; lead/ PM
Contact Name 4209
Your email address 4209@jellyfish-g.co.jp

- Japanese: N2 or above, team management level

- Web development experience for the last 5 years or more (any language, stack match preferred)

∟Experience in upstream processes such as architecture design

∟Experience in designing and building middleware, FW, etc.

Good to have

- Experience in microservices development

- English or Chinese: Business level or higher

In some teams, there are Chinese managers and department heads, which can be a good communication tool other than Japanese.

About the company

Software development and artificial intelligence business

We are an AI development company that provides "handwriting recognition technology" using artificial intelligence to the financial, advertising, and real estate sectors.

We value people who develop good services, and because we are a company that promotes AI technology, we believe that communication between people and a sense of gratitude are important.

Work Responsibilities

This is a front engineer position in charge of new business development for our company, which develops and sells SaaS products with the No.1 share of AI-OCR in Japan.

In the AI x SaaS domain, the number of contracts exceeds 5800, and the product is showing an unparalleled expansion in Japan.

By introducing a new product as a new business in our established large market, we aim to create an unprecedented AI platform to spread AI that can be used by various people in a more familiar way.

Our goal is to create an unprecedented AI platform.

<Specific duties>

As an engineer, we are looking for someone who can help us grow our products.

- You will have maximum discretion in your work area, from upstream such as technology selection, to design, development, and testing.

- Technology selection (frameworks, middleware, other development tools, etc.)

- Architecture design (microservice architecture)

- Service design

- Development and testing

- Agile team building

- Product release

<Jobs to be entrusted in the future>

- Tech Lead

- Team building

- Fostering and spreading development culture

Preferred personality

Highly motivated to utilize technology that directly leads to social implementation and social contribution.

- Straightforward and upwardly mobile.

- Positive attitude and enjoyment of a business environment that changes in about 3 months.

- You must be able to see things from the company's perspective and be willing to make breakthroughs.

- Someone who is willing to work steadily until results are achieved.

Development environment

Architecture * MicroService


* HTML* CSS * JavaScript / TypeScript * Vue.js / Nuxt.js


* Python3* Airflow * Argo* TensorFlow / Keras * scikit-learn


* Terraform / Ansible / GitHub Actions * Pattern: Microservices / API gateway

* Container: Docker / Kubernetes * Computing : AWS ALB / EC2 / ECS / EKS / Lambda

* Database : Aurora * Storage : AWS S3


* GitHub* Slack


Number of regular employees: 89

Number of foreign employees: 12 (China, India, Turkey, etc.)

*The official language of the company is Japanese.

Working hours

9:00-18:00 (1-hour break)

Working hours: 9:00-18:00 (1-hour break) *Working from home is negotiable (you may be asked to come to the office if necessary)

Welfare and Benefits

Social Insurance

Health insurance (IT Kenpo Kumiai)

Employee pension

Employment Insurance

Workers' compensation insurance

Other Benefits

Book subsidy

Water server installed


125 days off per year,

2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)

Summer vacation, New Year's vacation, Paid vacation (10 days after 3 months of employment), congratulation and condolence leave, maternity and childcare leave, nursing care leave

Interview Process

Application Screening

First interview

Second interview

Final interview

*The second and final interviews may be held at the same time.

* The selection process can be coordinated online.


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