How is it like working at Japanese startups?

How is it like working at Japanese startups?



New Japanese Startups

Japan has been the scene of great growth in the number of Startups in recent years known as J-startups. It is also not a coincidence, the current government has been promoting several incentives for this. The country is the third-largest economy in the world, always considered a pioneer when it comes to technology and innovation. Mostly, and thanks to startups.

But, after all, what differs the Japanese startups from others around the world?

First, let's take a look at Japan's business in the past. After the war, Japan made great efforts to recover the economy, which ended up generating a culture of long hours of work, a differentiated hierarchical system, and a very conservative mentality. 

This was instrumental in making Japan known today, however, today that same culture has been increasingly discussed. Even the new generation of Japanese today has started to look for companies that have a different culture, such as foreigners or startups. 

The new generation of entrepreneurs has noticed this change in behavior and has sought to change the game, creating new companies focused on changes in society that end up creating a significant contrast when compared to traditional Japanese companies.

Therefore, new Startups are often born following a different view than traditional Japanese companies, more focused on technological innovations such as Robotics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Applications, or Systems Development. 


So, answering the question ... Well, I’ll mention a few points:

Young and more flexible company

Regarding the work environment or even the need to use uniforms, the new Startups try to focus on the comfort of professionals (such as free dress code).

Salary equivalent to your knowledge

Unlike the traditional Japanese culture that usually promotes their professionals for working time, new Japanese companies seek to remunerate their members according to the professional level and experience of each professional.

International team with members from around the world

They usually have more mixed teams with members from all over the world. This in addition to creating a more relaxed environment, creates the opportunity to bring knowledge and innovation from different corners of the world

English as a standard or second language

Thanks to the multicultural environment, English tends to be used as the official (or second) language. This makes it possible for non-Japanese professionals to enter the job market and connect with natives and members of other countries. However, remember that even in companies that have such conditions, proficiency in the Japanese language is essential, both for work and for the social side, even in Tokyo.

The average number of employees 50 people

Because they are new, they usually have numbers below 50 employees, differently from large corporations with thousands of professionals. This brings, as a benefit, flexibility in terms of internal work rules, allowing a more comfortable environment for all members. Technically speaking, with the smallest number of members, it is possible to have greater flexibility regarding the responsibilities between the members. Such fluidity allows, for example, a professional to participate in multiple tasks (new or existing).


Flexible Work Time and option to work remotely

Quite different from the traditional style, many of the new startups allow the employee to have control of their own working hours. In IT companies, they tend to allow remote work.

Benefits such as Holidays, Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Education Support

Flexibility mentioned earlier has been well regarded in the benefits. Flexibility when choosing vacations, aids, and incentives for pregnancy periods or support for studies is something that has been offered by several Startups in Japan.

Can I tell a secret? I work at a Startup and I confess that I was surprised by the style it offers. But of course folks, it depends on company to company, however, it is certain that the new Japanese companies have focused on generating quality of life inside and outside the company, whether for recent graduates or foreigners looking for an opportunity in Japan. 

Here are 6 Japanese Tech startups that we found very interesting because of the ideas they offer: 

Digglue Co., Ltd. -
A company that performs "cognition", "education" and "introduction" focused on the blockchain domain. With motto "dig for values and create economy" currently they are having projects that centered on combining the latest tech innovation to banking and financial world. They currently have open position that you can apply for here

Unifa Co., Ltd. -
Company that developed the concept of Smart-Nursery school / home where it offers several solutions in technologies, which establish a safe environment for nurses to take good care of babies. The good news is they are currently hiring for foreign IT Engineer, if you are interested you can apply from here

Below are the applications that they currently developing:

  • Lukmy Nap - Exclusive nap verification service for daycare centers that care for sleeping children.
  • The Rukmy thermometer is a service that greatly reduces the time required for daily thermometry.
  • Lukmy Photo - A photo service that shows parents their children's daily lives so they will not miss the growth of their baby.

AWL develops and provides AI camera solutions that allow multinational members from 17 countries to solve problems and increase the value of retail stores.

World Matcha Inc. (
The “Matcha Maker” serves authentic matcha flavor for a modern palate. Good for those who like Green Tea.

Aeronext Inc. (
Created center-of-gravity control technology to improve drone stability.

Langualess Ltd. ( 

The “INUPATHY” device helps owners monitor dogs ’emotions and health.





How about you? Do you have any experience or doubt to share?  If you have any interest in applying to work in Japan start up companies you can contact us anytime and our Career Partner team will be ready to help you!