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Address: Tokyo

The Company:

The company has been in business for over 20 years and is now in a new phase. We are proud to be the only company in Japan specializing in crisis management information, and we will continue to expand our business by providing unique services and products. To this end, we are actively developing our own original next-generation system that collects, analyzes, and processes crisis management information from around the world for use in our own crisis management information center, as well as next-generation solution services that utilize the crisis management information generated by the system. We are aiming to significantly strengthen our development system.

The Product:

Crisis management services are a very unique and challenging field in the world, and we would like to actively welcome people who are motivated by this field and want to work together to create better products and services. In addition, we would like to create a more modern development organization by strengthening our development system. We are looking forward to working with you to change "disaster prevention" in Japan through the creation and application of crisis management information!

The Highlights

- High social contribution (infrastructure services that provide life and life-saving information)
- Mission: To contribute to the rapid relief, recovery, reconstruction and prevention of crises by using the latest information technology. 

- There is no other company that collects and provides as much information as we do
- We collect information in cooperation with the Japan Meteorological Agency, electric power companies, and various railroad companies.

- You can improve your skills from downstream to upstream process.
- Senior engineers are here.
- Proactive in introducing the latest technology

- Working from home is OK.
- Coming to the office is also OK.