Interview of Hendra

Interview of Hendra




Indonesia, 28 years old Position: Full Stack Developer Company: Agile Media Network Inc. (Joined: 2018-08 through introduction of Jellyfish) Programming skills: PHP (6 years),JavaScript(6 years), jQuery, Vue, React, NodeJs, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Ubuntu, React Native A 7 years programmer who graduated from Binus university, which is well-known for technical profession and ranks as one of the top 10 private universities in Indonesia. Worked in a Japanese IT company in Indonesia for one year, felt attracted to Japanese culture and working attitude since then and studied Japanese in a Japanese language school in Kyoto for one year. Experience: Education: Binus University Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (2009-09〜2013-07) Work experience: An IT Company in Japan (2018-04〜2018-07) Position: Programmer. An EC mall Company in Indonesia (2015-03〜2017-03) Position: Programmer (Back-end) A Web and Mobile Application Development Company from Japan in Indonesia(2013-09〜2015-03) Position: Programmer (Full stack) An IT company in Indonesia (2012-09〜2013-09) Position: Programmer (Full stack)

➀Why did you come to Japan?

The reason is that the life quality in Japan is better than my own country. Such as security aspect, if you go home around 12 at night, it’s really not a big deal here. Also, daily life here is really better comparing to my own country. For example, if you want to go somewhere in my country, such as in Jakarta, even if it’s really close, it takes more than one hour and the air pollution is really bad. It’s really stressful. The other reason is that working quality is better in Japan. I stayed in a Japanese company in Indonesia and I saw Japanese having their own standards when it comes to work. They always try the best to maintain the quality of their products. Beside of that, the lifestyle environment is also better. Japanese working culture and attitude really attracts me, I feel that I’m getting better and better by doing this. Most people say that working in Japan makes you stressful, but I don’t feel like that. I feel more challenging here. However, I work more intense than my Japanese colleagues right now. I like challenge myself and being challenged, even if they don’t ask, I try to propose different solutions. Actually, it’s not good for team work because I always work too fast, it makes my partners hard to catch up. I’ve changed in other aspects after I came to Japan as well. When I was in Indonesia, I liked music, such as piano and violin, but I never started any of them. I started to become more and more treasuring time after I came to Japan and started to learn them. I think it maybe because of the environment here, it pushes me more to realize this dream. Dream is not just a dream, it is something everyone needs to pursue.

②About job transfers and Jellyfish

I first came here and studied in a Japanese language school in Kyoto. The life there was not that good as I had to study hard for N2 so I spent most of my time at home. Also, I needed to do physical work as part time jobs at that time, which was really intense. I wanted to study for master degree at first, but when my parents came and I travelled with them around, I felt that I just wanted to work in Japan. I started to look for an IT job in Japan, it just took one month for me to find the first one. I worked for 3 months in that company. Then the project stopped and I needed to find another job again. I met Sasha (Jellyfish consultant) at July, she offered me a job vacancy and I applied. For other time during that period, I just applied for companies at Wantedly. It was not for jobs but to talk to people to improve my communication skills and I like to talk with people, it’s boring at home. Then around August, I got the offer from the company which Sasha introduced to me. Actually, before that, I applied for another job from Jellyfish weekly job vacancy by email, then Sasha contacted me and told me that one had already closed. She introduced me another job vacancy which I got right now. Sasha is really a nice person and she offered me lots of job information. We were talking like friend without any tension or nervous even though it was a business talk (job vacancy and offer)

③Before joining the company

The most important thing for me when finding a job is not about salary, I prefer to look at the environment most. I don’t like competition. The second point is about challenges, I want to get better. What I like about my company right now is that they give me a lot of projects. The third point (maybe) salary because I’m getting older and I need more money to prepare my future and support my family. The reason why I applied to this company was because they said that they wanted someone who can apply their own skills and new skills to any project which sounds challenging to me. The interview at the company was not intense and really friendly. The boss was really nice and I also met 2 co-workers at that time. We were talking about daily life just like friends. We were asking questions such as “Did you bring your bento today?”, “what is your hobby?” and It was really interesting, totally no nervous and tension that time.

④About current job

I do more than they expect me to do, because I like challenging and being challenged. I try to propose systems, renew systems and point out system mistakes. I also check codes of past projects in the company. If it’s not 100% perfect, I’ll point out in the meeting and do the fix. So, in short, I’m not just doing programming job but also planning, system and UI design, programming, quality control, scheduling and etc. I handle lots of projects at the same time and 2 main projects with many sub-projects inside in our company right now. The project I engaged most since I joined the company is “Catapult”. It’s a platform for manufactures to publish their products. It’s an EC site like Rakuten where sellers are only manufactures. At the platform, manufactures can have users become fans of their products directly. This platform will also be released in Taiwan, manufactures and buyers will be both in Taiwan and Japan. At first, I was assigned to do back end work of this project. After I finished back end, my colleagues were still working on the front end, so I just started to help with the front-end work as well. As It will expand to Taiwan, I put a multi-language feature in the front and back end. I enjoy and I’m comfortable with my job right now, since there are many challenges and contributions which I can make for the company. Interview date: 21/2/2019