Interview of Ivan Wu

Interview of Ivan Wu


Ivan Wu


Taiwan, 27 years old Position: Sales・Marketing Company: 日新精機株式会社(NISSIN SEIKI) (Joined: 2017-07 through introduction of Jellyfish)

①What interested you most before you came to Japan? Why did you decide to come to Japan? Anything you aren’t used to in Japan?

The environment and culture in Japan attracted me most. It’s very clean and beautiful here. Also, my grandparents can speak Japanese. Japan used to govern Taiwan in the past, my grandparents lived through that period when their education was under the Japanese educational system. I received influence from them when I was young. The reason why I came to Japan was that I’ve always thought about living abroad. Some of my friends went to America, but I think Japan is more suitable for me and it’s close to my home. Basically, there’s nothing I’m not used to in Japan right now. But there are some cultural differences. Japanese emphasizes manners and outside expressions too much. Even if they are unhappy, they won’t say it out loud, which is different from people in Taiwan.

②How did you find jobs?

I didn’t know how to apply for jobs in Japan at first so I just searched for relevant information. I registered with 6~7 recruitment agencies at the time, but the jobs they offered were not what I wanted. I almost quit and thought about coming to Japan on a working holiday visa. Accidentally, I stumbled upon the homepage of Jellyfish. Sasha (Jellyfish Consultant) contacted me after I filled in the form. However, everything was uncertain at that time, so I just decided to come here on a working holiday visa first. About 10 days after I arrived at Japan, she contacted me again. Through introduction of Sasha, I got this job. It was quite fast so I didn’t even have time to apply for other jobs.

③What do you think of our consultant and our service?

I think Sasha is excellent because she’s really young. She’s the same age as me but she’s already a professional consultant. Also, since I’ve never worked in Japan before, I think foreigners working here is excellent. The service was good. I think for consultancy agencies, the impression varies because of different consultants. Sasha was very kind and easy to talk to so I liked it.

④Why did you take on this job? What do you do right now? Anything interesting? Any inconvenience because of Japanese language?

Because I didn’t have a lot of experience at the time and my advantage was that I could speak English besides Japanese, the most suitable jobs for me were hospitality-related, translation and sales. I’ve already worked in hotels and also worked as a translator before, so I decided to take up the sales job. I mainly deal with domestic customers and also go to exhibitions overseas. Our company deals with different machinery molds which needs professional knowledge. It’s quite difficult, so I learn a lot at those exhibitions. Actually, working as a foreigner here is quite fun because it’s special here when most colleagues are Japanese and are older than me, so they are quite willing to teach me. Our office is located right beside our factory. I’m the only foreigner in the office. Therefore, I have no other choice but to speak Japanese which also makes me learn the language faster. I used to speak English a lot with a Spanish colleague of mine but he has left, so the situation is that I can only speak Japanese in the office. In fact, I was forced to get along with Japanese at first but I feel really happy right now as they tend to help me more since I’m a foreigner. Interview Date:2018.7.5