Interview of Navaseltsau Alexander

Interview of Navaseltsau Alexander


Navaseltsau Alexander


Belarus, 30 years old Position: Technical manager・Marketing Strategy Company: beep Japan合同会社(Join: 2017-06 through introduction of Jellyfish) Main programming languages: IronPython, C#, JavaScript, PHP An engineer with a 9 year experience in IT field. Became interested in programming and learnt it by oneself when in university. Started in interested in Japan because of movies and books relating to Japan and always wanted to come to Japan to work before current job. Experience: Education: Bachelor in International Business Communication (2009-9~2011-07) Educational Institution: Belarusian State Economic University Bachelor in International Business Administration, Marketing (2005-9~2010-07) Educational Institution: Belarusian State Economic University Work experience: An IT Company in Belarus(2016-11〜2016-12) Position: Business Analyst/Project Manager. An IT Company in Belarus(2010-12〜2016-07) Position: Consultant, Senior Enterprise Support Representative, Enterprise Support Team Leader A NGO/NPO Human Rights Center in Belarus(2009-07〜2010-9) Position: System Administrator.

①What interested you most before you come to Japan? Anything not used to in Japan? Anything different from your own country?

I started to be interested in Japan a long time ago, I started with watching movies and reading books related to Japan. Probably the first time I read something about Japan was a book at my grandparents’ house which is called Japanese culture written by a Russian researcher. That’s when I started to become fascinated with Japan. Eventually, I started to like this country and its history, culture and food here, so I decided to apply for jobs and come here. I’ve been in Japan for one and 2 months right now and I’m totally used to everything here. Although everything is totally different here from my country but it’s not difficult to get used to it. The most different thing from my country is that people here never break rules of society and government. For example, they hardly cross streets when in red lights, hardly throw rubbish on roads and they are pretty polite to each other. I really like Japan and I would like to live here until I die.

②How did you search for jobs? What kind of jobs did you apply for? How were those interviews?

I used google to try to find some job sites for foreigners. I applied for around 20~25 jobs at that time and got some questionnaire feedbacks and interview invitations. However, there were only 2~3 companies invited me to second interviews. It was a little bit tough to get proper feedbacks by Japanese companies because I don’t have any Japanese knowledge and which is very important in getting a job in Japan. I have always been interested in IT field and Japan is a world with advanced technology, so I applied for jobs in similar fields with my work in my home country. Those interviews were not very interesting because most interviews were standard questions like why do you want to come to Japan, what do you do in your work and what do you want to do do here. Those were very basic interviews with nothing specific. They ask everyone with same questions and didn’t try to know you personally.

③How did you know about Jellyfish? How was our consultant and service?

I applied for one of your job posts on a job website and Kristina (Jellyfish Consultant) contacted me saying that there’s a project about AI concierge building and she asked me if I might be interested in an interview with the CEO of the company. Because it sounded very interesting and ambitious like AI will be working as a concierge and doing works such as writing mails, respond to customers and others, so I decided to apply. We are also planning to build a smart hotel right now. In this project, you can operate everything in the hotel with your voice, such as switch lights on, flush the toilets or call for services. You don’t need to press anything in the hotel but just speak everything to AI. It was a very good experience with your consultant. She’s very cheerful and friendly. She helped with lots of interview questions and told me how to prepare the interview with the CEO, which was very helpful. Your company’s service was at a very high level and my company is still using your service to hire more employees.

④Why did you decide to join this company? What do you do right now? What language do you use to communicate in company? What do you want to do in the future?

Because the CEO has very strong charisma. Before the interview, I was preparing to meet a standard Japanese CEO and talk about everything at a business level. However, it turns out that he woke up just 5 minutes before the interview, very sleepy and talked with me a lot of non-business stuffs. He was trying to know me as a person and he was like I hire you because you are good as a person. The interview was funny and not what I expected. I’m working as a technical manager and marketing strategy right now. In my work recently, an AI project has been almost finished and we are concentrating on “beepnow” project. “beepnow” is a skill sharing platform for mobile systems. For example, people with hobbies, skills and some special talents can register at the platform and find people who need these services and get paid by them. People can exchange skills for money at the platform. The interesting point in my job is that despite we are a small company currently, our CEO is very ambitious and it’s interesting working with him. The aim of us is to first conquer Japan market and then go global, step by step. I really like the enthusiasm of our CEO and his all-in attitude towards the platform and product. We mostly speak English inside the company and since they found out that I have a diploma in translation, they wanted me to teach business English to them so now I’m learning Japanese from them and they are learning English from me. There are some employees in my company who can’t speak very good English so we need someone to translate for us in the company but he is not 24/7 in the office so it’s a bit hard to communicate at that moment. The only problem with language is that I have to speak very slowly in English like I’m talking to little kids which is a little bit hard for me but it’s OK. In the future, I want to continue to work for my company. We are working on ventures like “beepnow” and the AI project. I can see that I still have a lot of stuffs in next 2~3 years for these projects like the support work, adding new features and new functions. I would also continue the work of business developing and technical management because only coding is not very interesting for me, it doesn’t allow me to communicate with people and build reputation for the company. This position is a combination of technical skills and communication skills and I like to communicate and gain new customers.