Interview of Trotsenko Philipp

Interview of Trotsenko Philipp


Trotsenko Philipp


Russia, 25 years old Position: Developer Company: デジタルサーカス株式会社(Digital Circus, Inc.) (Joined: 2017-01 through introduction of Jellyfish) Main programming languages: PHP/Javascript/HTML5/CSS Became interested in Japan before entering university, learnt Japanese after classes during university and passed N2 level. Developed with Drupal in Russian government institute before coming to Japan.

①Why do you like Japan? How did you learn Japanese? Anything you aren’t used to in Japan? Anything different from Russia?

It was about 8 years ago before I entered university when I started to become interested in Japan. I was interested in Japanese animation at first and then felt attracted to several other things as I found out more and more about Japan, such as its safety and how easy it is to live here. I started to learn Japanese after I entered university. At first, I took language classes at a Japanese language school in Russia and then had one-to-one lessons. It’s been one and a half year since I came to Japan, but still I’m not used to using Japanese sometimes. For example, there are situations when I want to say something in Japanese but the words just don’t come out and also some “kanji”(Chinese characters) are not easy to read. Comparing to Russia, I think it’s easier to realize your dreams in Japan as conditions in Russia are more difficult for normal people to realize their dreams.

②How did you find jobs?

When I was still in Russia, I searched for jobs on social media and asked my friends for job information, but I didn’t apply for a lot at that time because I was a regular employee at the government. I just searched for some information at that time.

③How did you know about Jellyfish? Why did you decide to use our service? How was our service?

I saw your job posting on VK (a Russian social media) and every requirement exactly matched with my skills and experience. Also, I wanted to come to Japan, so I decided to apply. Kristina (Jellyfish Consultant) contacted me through mail at first and later we talked via Skype. I went through a Skype interview with the company and got the offer. I’m very thankful because she helped a lot in the process.

④Why did you decide to take on this job? What do you do right now? What do you want to do in the future?

Actually, the only reason I took this job was that it’s in Japan and I wanted to work here but now I really like it and there are a lot of reasons, such as we can work freely, dress freely and I also got a salary raise. I’m using Drupal mostly in my work and I started to develop with it when I graduated from university. I tried to find a job at that time and the first job I got was one that required developing with Drupal at the government. I learned the system after I got the job. Right now, I’m creating various websites. There are interesting parts as well as boring parts in this job. When I first entered my company, Japanese language was a problem. I wanted to say something, but I always couldn’t find the right words and I couldn’t hear what the other person said sometimes. But now I’m really used to it. In the future, I want to establish my own company that involves web development. I might also consider going to America in the future. Interview Date:2018.7.12