Interview of Ziauddin Sarker

Interview of Ziauddin Sarker


Ziauddin Sarker


Bangladesh, 29 years old Position: Project leader Company: Bridge Institute of Technology-OKUTAMA (Joined: 2018-04 through introduction of Jellyfish) Main programming languages:PHP(7 years)、Java(2 years)、C(1 year) 7 years in web development/design, started to receive external projects as a web developer in second year of university. Worked as a web developer at a big manufacturing company in Bangladesh for about one year and then came to Japan. Studied Japanese at a Japanese language school for two years.

①How long have you been in Japan?Why did you come to Japan? How is it different from your own country? Are you used to Japan now?

I have been in Japan for 2 years and 3 months now. There were two reasons for me to come to Japan. The first was my passion in IT industry. I wanted to do something in this area. Both at university and in my previous job, I worked in this area and have always been interested in it. Also, I knew about the atmosphere of IT in Japan and after I came to Japan I found a lot of opportunities, which encouraged me to get a job here. The other reason was that my brother had been living in Japan for 15 years, and he had always encouraged me to come to Japan.

②How did you find jobs? How many jobs have you applied to? How were the interviews?

Before graduating the School, I searched different websites for Job offers and communicated with different agents. I talked with Sasha(Jellyfish consultant) about part-time jobs 2~3 months after I came to Japan. Before graduating I got some companies’ information from her as well. I went to different interviews but unfortunately could not satisfy the interviewers. After graduation, I applied for around 15~20 jobs and got interviews from 5 companies. Most of the interviews were held in Japanese Language. I sometimes had trouble communicating with the interviewers at that time. I think the language barrier was the main obstacle to getting a job at that time.

③How did you know about Jellyfish? How was it? How do you like it?

2~3 months after coming to Japan , I came to Jellyfish for the first time to look for part-time jobs because I was in a Japanese school and couldn’t work full-time. I talked with Sasha (Jellyfish Consultant) at that time but there were no part-time jobs then. The reason why I came to Jellyfish again to get a regular job was that I really wanted to enter an IT company and Jellyfish was the first one that gave me the opportunity. Moreover, my visa was about to expire at the time. As for the service, Sasha was very helpful and I got a lot of useful information from her which I needed to search for jobs.

④Why did you decide to enter this company? What do you do now? What do you want to do in the future?

I always wanted to learn and use my skills. As my company is a school with engineers, there’re always opportunities to communicate and connect with different kinds of people. When I’m there, different people just come, so I can get new ideas every day. Also, our company is trying to do something different from usual, something innovative. I also found employees in our company to be very kind, helpful and friendly during interviews. I’m currently working as a project leader and handling 3 projects. My task is to assign programmers to different projects and receive updates every day. Most of them are still new and they don’t have much experience in development so sometimes I propose different methods and techniques regarding the projects. I also point out problems that they might encounter and try to figure out solutions beforehand. I am used to dealing these kinds of situations as I worked with different clients before where some clients didn’t know what they actually needed. (Q:Anything interesting in this job?) Whenever I work in the IT field, I feel interested. In the future, we can make different kinds of products or different kinds of services which can help our company get more profit. A few days ago, I looked at our company website analytics and found out that lots of people just came and left our homepage, i.e. they didn’t spend time on our Website. Therefore, I searched different websites of similar companies, and found that they had different kinds of functions on their homepages, like searching on homepage and blogs, which can help them make website users stay longer. These functions could be added to our own homepage as well. We should make our homepage more informative. There is also another problem we can solve. We are using different business applications from other companies right now, but we can develop these kinds of systems for our company in the future. We can make that as a product/service of our company and provide this service to other companies as well. Interview Date:2018.6.18