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Posted on 2021/04/02
Job type Mobile Application Engineer
Programming language Swift/Objective-C
Filter by IT skills Swift/Objective-C
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 4.8M JPY (Annual)
Salary max 6.6M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Advanced)
English level None
Ref ID 5604
Job appeal Great office environment; Foreigner friendly company; in-house development
Contact Name 4191
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- Japanese: N2 or higher (business level)

- At least 3 years of experience developing iOS applications (Swift)

- Knowledge and experience with iOS standard libraries and frameworks

- Knowledge of the iOS Human Interface Guideline.

- Experience in Objective-C development is a plus.

Good to have

- Experience in the development and operation of large-scale native applications used by a large number of users

- Knowledge of security

- Knowledge and experience in test automation

- Experience releasing apps on the App Store

- Knowledge and experience with asynchronous processing

- Experience in growing a smartphone app

About the company

Internet Service Business

Number of group companies: 11 companies

Overseas offshore: Vietnam

>Services for individuals

- Operation of in-house product A, an automatic household account book and asset management tool

- Operation of "In-house Media B," an economic media for daily life

- Operation of in-house platform C, a platform for comparing and applying for financial services

- "In-house store D, a store where you can learn about the "money of the future

- In-house application E, an application for saving money to enjoy life

>Services for corporations

- SaaS platform "In-house Platform F

- Cloud bookkeeping service "In-house Service G

- Inter-company deferred payment settlement service "In-house Service H

Work Responsibilities

Background / Job Description

You will be involved in the development of our company. We are changing the value we provide from a household account book to personal money advice, and we are further accelerating the improvement of the app's functions. In order for more users to use the app, you will be developing new features as well as making many improvements to speed up the development process.

The main task is iOS app development, but you can also be involved in a wide range of other tasks such as server-side development and data design. Swift and Objective-C coexist as languages, and we are gradually moving towards Swift. The architecture is based on Clean Architecture, and GitHub is used for source code management. While ensuring the quality of the code through code reviews, we are fostering a culture that values team member awareness and growth. We use user surveys for feature development. Even the engineers understand the issues of the users and the purpose of the development before proceeding with their daily work. In addition, we work closely with the customer support department and hold user exchange meetings, so that we can always feel close to our users.

Preferred personality

- The person who understands the company and is willing to take on challenges to realize it.

- Ambitious person who is willing to challenge even if it is something new.

- The person who will do everything to the end.

- People who value teamwork and work hard with ambition.

- People who enjoy developing services and can work on their own initiative.

- People with a venture spirit who are willing to get involved not only as an iOS engineer but also in service planning.

Development environment

・git & GitHub


Number of employees: 800 for the entire group

Number of engineers: 30-40% of the total (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto)

Number of foreign employees: about 20 (Vietnam, Taiwan, Germany, India, Korea)

Working hours

9:30-18:30 (Discretionary labor system for professional work) *Subject to conditions of application, possibility of flextime system

Welfare and Benefits

- Various social insurance (employee pension, health insurance, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance)

- Housing allowance and moving allowance in the neighborhood

- Health checkups and gynecological examinations

- Influenza vaccination

- Book purchase subsidy

- Corporate defined contribution pension plan

- Employee stock ownership plan

- Preferential treatment when using the following services

(*Contracted service providers only) - Rental agency - Housekeeping service - Babysitter - Online English conversation school


Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays

Annual paid vacations

Summer vacation (3 days)

Winter vacation (2 days)

Winter vacation (2 days) Year-end and New Year vacations (December 31 - January 3)

Interview Process

Application Screening First Interview (HR, Position Engineer)

Second interview (department head, engineer leader)

Final Interview (Director: Representative)

All interviews can be conducted online.


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