iOS engineer/ Smart speaker software development / N2

 Developing smart speaker software



Posted on 2021/03/27
Job type Mobile Application Engineer
Programming language Swift(Objective-C からの移行中)
Filter by IT skills Swift/Objective-C
Filter by years of experience 5 - 10 Years
Salary min 6.0M JPY(Annual)
Salary max 10.0M JPY(Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5369
Job appeal Foreigner friendly company; Actively using new technologies & tools; Flat organizational structure; in-house development
Contact Name 4147
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- Business level Japanese (N3 to N2)
- Qualified to work in Japan.
- At least 4 years of experience in designing, developing, and releasing iOS applications in Swift
- Able to read Objective-C code
- Experience in development using git.
- 4+ years of experience in designing, developing and releasing iOS applications in Swift

Good to have

- Personal development of mobile applications
- Experience in publishing a web service or application from planning to release by yourself
- Design of automated tests
- Experience in code review
- Experience in publishing and contributing to OSS

About the company

[About the company]

The company provides IoT services to realize smart life.

Our goal is to become the number one IoT platform in people's living space in order to realize a more comfortable and higher quality of life and create a free and enriched society.

[Company's attractive points]

This is a global environment, and you can make use of your language skills as you communicate with the offshore development team in India.

In addition, as this is a start-up, you will be able to work on development with discretion.

This is an environment where you can actively work on improving work efficiency and creating a comfortable working environment and rules.

Work Responsibilities

Operation, development, and release of iOS apps

Analysis and reporting of app log data

Propose, design, and develop new functions based on user usage scenarios

Preferred personality

- Able to take a leadership role in development and problem solving

- People who are more interested in technical challenges than others.

- Those who want to be involved in the development of our services and grow them with their own technology.

- Have the spirit to take on challenges without fear of failure

- You enjoy developing services and are able to work on your own initiative.

Development environment

-Language: TypeScript, JavaScript, Python

-Framework: Express, Serverless

-Version control: Bitbucket

-Infrastructure: AWS, EKS


33 people (including 20 from the Indian development team and 9 from outsourced work)

We have people from India, USA, China and Tunisia.

Engineering team: 5 people

5 engineers: 1 tech lead, 1 server-side, 1 front-end, 1 Android, etc.

Working hours

Flextime system

(Core time: 11:00-16:00)

Welfare and Benefits

- Flexible working hours, working from home is possible upon request

- A display, keyboard, mouse, and chair of your choice are provided so that you can perform comfortably and to the best of your ability.

- Subsidy for purchasing books and attending external trainings to learn new skills and areas of interest

- Free drinks and snacks (to be purchased and replenished upon request)


Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, paid vacations (after probationary period), year-end and New Year vacations, personal vacations, special vacations

Interview Process

Paper screening

→ First round interview (Engineer) + Technical test

→ Second interview (President) + Video interview with Indian team if necessary

→Final interview (Director)

*Face to face is required.


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