Exclusive for foreign IT Engineers

There are many job sites and recruitment services in Japan geared towards locals, but one made sepcifically for foreigners are still rare. MIXESS was made with a mission to contribute to the globalization of Japan. You can get information about working in Japan as an IT engineer and find job opportunities from tech companies specifically looking to hire foreigners.

Focus on introducing jobs at leading start-up companies

In IT world, start-up companies are the ones having the advanced technologies and developing products that currently changing the world. Mixess provides information on such promising startups and providing the opportunities to work there.

We specialize in tech recruitment for foreigner

While there are tons of recruiting agencies operating in Japan, those that focused on helping foreigners are still rare especially ones specifically geared towards foreign IT engineers. MIXESS are here to fill that gap and unlike most recruiters who place themselves as "advisors/coaches" we are here to be your partner and will support your career journey in a fun, casual yet professional way.

We have supported global candidates from 72 countries

With more than a decade in foreigner recruiting business, we have supported candidates from all around the world. Our career consisting of multilingual people from diverse backgrounds which enable us to support any candidates regardless of their origin and backgrounds. 

We specialized in introducing jobs at start-ups & ventures

In tech industries start-up companies are where the changes happens. We spesialized in introducing job opportunities at Japan's leading start-ups companies that prides themselves in using new and advanced technologies and creating breakthrough products

The truth of Japanese IT start up

Find a job where you can actively make a change with your skill and experience.
All the projects below carry a certain mission, let's find one that aligned with your goals and passion.

Useful Articles for your career growth

How to calculate your monthly net income in Japan

Japanese salary system is quite different compared to the salary systems in other countries, and as foreigners, it is difficult for us to understand the system properly. The amount of salary in your contract is your monthly gross income, and the amount of salary transferred to your account is your monthly net income, and it is usually much lower than the amount stated in the contract, so you might be surprised when you find out the amount of your net salary when checking your bank account.

Success story of Martinez Puerto Didac-Joan, Web Developer from Spain

Meet Mr. Martínez Puerto Dídac-Joan, a Web Developer from Spain who came to Japan to study Japanese. He registered with JELLYFISH in December 2020 and got job offer in January 2021 let's listen to his experience and journey on getting his dream job as developer in Japan.

How Japanese startups are trying to tackle social issues

Japan is known as one of the most advanced countries when it comes to technology, but the country is struggling in achieving sustainable growth while coping with a rapid population decline. The country is compelled to incorporate the innovations of the fourth industrial revolution such as the “Internet of Things (IoT)”, big data, artificial intelligence, robots, and the sharing economy into every industry and society.