About Us

Our story

The reason behind what we do

With the background of the decreasing labor population in Japan and the shortage of human resources due to the fourth industrial revolution, we aim to provide human resources services specializing in technology related companies from the aspect of "global" and foreigners. If we expand our horizons not only to Japan but also to the world, the disparity in “opportunities” for “people” is still large.
A world where people have fair opportunities, regardless of the place of birth, religion and language, skin color or gender.

We are aiming to create such a world.

Our Vision & Mission

What we aim to be

Expanding people's horizon to create the world where everyone have fair opportunities, regardless of their place of birth or ethnicity. With the focus on supporting those who aspire to work in Japan to find and achieve the best in their career journey.


What make us different

With foreigners as the backbone of our business, we realize that every each of them came to Japan with different dreams and aspirations, which makes them unique. We value those dreams and we will stand beside to support their journey to reach it as a close partner.

Below are the 3 principles we hold when doing our services:

Judge talents by skills & potentials, not papers

Our Career Advisors will conduct in-depth interviews with our candidates to find out their strengths and potentials, rather than doing screenings and selecting only by papers.

We aim to guide and support global IT talents not only in finding the right employment but also to adjust to the Japanese working culture, so that each person is able to work in their utmost comfortable and effective ways despite the cultural differences.

A home in Japan for global IT talents

We will provide information regarding the work environment in Japan including law, system and cultures so that foreign talents can adjust and work comfortably like in their home country.  

Trustworthy partner in your career journey

We are here to support your career journey in Japan. We will ensure that the job opportunities you find with us will be according to your preference and the transfer process will be smooth and exciting. We will respect your needs and choices in every process.


A decade journey and track records

Our main company JELLYFISH.Inc was established in 2007 with a mission of helping foreigners to be able to lead a comfortable life in Japan. Starting off as a communication provider business, in the span of a decade, the company is able to grow significantly and covers many business areas such as: Japanese language education, both inside and outside Japan and also Employment support for foreigners who wish to work in Japan.

Job introduction for foreign job seekers has become our main business since 2017, and we managed to support hundreds of foreign job seekers to achieve their dream career in Japan. Our job site MIXESS specializes in IT related job referrals and has more than 20,000 registered users. We also specialize in referrals to Japanese companies that actively hire foreign workers. Since its establishment MIXESS has become a place where users can interact and share information with each other. Our aim is to become the biggest IT Community Hub for foreigners in Japan.