Back end Engineer/ SaaS type algorithm service/ Japanese Fluency

 The Cacco Inc.



Posted on 2021/08/31
Job type Others
Programming language Java
Filter by IT skills Java
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 5 million yen
Salary max 10 million yen
Filter by Japanese skill Fluent
English level None
Ref ID 5881
Job appeal Remote work; Flex time
  • At least 3 years' experience in basic design and development of web or open systems
  • At least 3 years experience in Java language
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience in building and architecting systems
  • Japanese fluent to native level
Good to have
  • Experience and knowledge of RDBMS and NoSQL databases
  • You will be responsible for developing and implementing technical strategies and policies.
  • Experience of coordinating and controlling a team.

About the Company

SaaS-type algorithm provision business (fraud detection service, payment consulting service, data science service).

(1) Fraud detection service: Provides fraud detection solutions to a wide range of industries, including domestic EC shops, payment providers, telecommunications companies, ticketing companies and financial institutions.

(2) Data science service: Proposes decision-making materials and indicators that lead to business optimization and problem solving based on results obtained from data science.

(3) Payment consulting service: Consulting on the introduction of new payment systems

Proposals for maximizing CS and profits.

Work Responsibilities

You will be responsible for planning, designing and developing a system that will not only detect fraudulent orders (e.g. orders where the customer only receives the product but does not pay), a service that has already been implemented on over 23,000 sites, but will also contribute to the prevention of ticket fraud (online fraud) and fraudulent money transfers (spoofed logins) at financial institutions, an area that is becoming a social problem.

  • You will be responsible for the planning, design and development of the system reconstruction of the company's services, which continue to develop.

  • You will be responsible for the planning, design and development of the system reconfiguration of the company's services.

  • You will be responsible for

  • You will be responsible for the design and implementation of the architecture for the service development.

  • You will be responsible for the design and implementation of the architecture required for service development.

  • You will be responsible for planning, organizing and prioritizing service improvements.

  • Management of development team members and subcontractors

  • Planning, defining, developing, testing and releasing new services.

This is a great opportunity to join a growing company that is looking to expand their team.

What is the appeal of this job?

  • This is a great opportunity to work for a venture company in their first year of being listed. You will be able to design services that have a social impact and lead the 18 trillion yen EC market.

  • This is a great opportunity to gain experience as an engineer in an AWS environment.

  • You will have the opportunity to catch up with data science techniques.

  • This is a great opportunity to get involved in the development of services at the heart of the business, close to the management side.

Development environment

  • A director from the engineering department participates in the management.

  • You will be responsible for your own personal development environment and can choose what you want.

  • The development team members responsible for implementation are also involved in the planning and prioritization of the service.

Other information

  • Daily stand-up meetings and similar meetings within the team.

  • Pair programming for development.

  • Regular study sessions

  • Regular team review meetings at the end of each iteration.

  • Emphasis on "adapting to change" rather than "following a plan".

  • Continuous deployment (delivery) is carried out.

Preferred Personality

  • The ability to communicate openly and discuss constructively.

  • The ability to communicate openly and constructively

  • The ability to identify issues with current products and work proactively to improve them

  • Someone who is a full stack engineer.

Development Environment

  • Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, Kotlin (tentative)

  • Frameworks: Play Framework

  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Redshift, DynamoDB

  • Environment: AWS (ECS, EC2, RDS, lambda, ElasticSearch, Redshift, etc.)

  • Source code management: GitHub

  • Project management: Backlog

  • Communication tools: Slack, Gmail

  • Information sharing tools: Qiita-team

  • Cash machines: Mac

*We will continue to consider new language options and be flexible in our technology selection.

Organizational Structure

Total number of employees: 29 (including 1 foreign national)

Average age: 34 years old

Team structure:

1 VPoE

1 Manager

8 members (6 server-side, 2 infrastructure) *Including outsourced and temporary staff

Working Hours

We have a flexible working system. (No core hours)

Flexible working hours: 5am - 10pm

Welfare and Benefits

  • Remote Working (unlimited times)

  • Travel Expenses (with an upper limit)

  • Social Insurance

  • Travel Allowance

  • Comprehensive welfare group term insurance

  • Congratulations and Condolence Money (Marriage, Birth, etc.)

  • Overtime Allowance

(Fixed pay for 30 hours; additional pay for hours in excess of 30)


  • Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays

  • Annual paid holiday at (half holiday system available)

  • Refreshment leave

  • More than 120 days off per year.

  • Annual leave by the hour

  • Year-end and New Year holidays.

  • Congratulations or condolences leave

  • Average number of paid holidays taken: 10.7 days (FY2019 results)

Evaluation Process

  • Application Screening

  • About 3 interviews

  • Offer / Entry

  • Skill check may be conducted.

  • Resume & CV in Japanese are required.


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