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25 y.o  |  Indonesia

Introduced Job: Web Developer

The most important thing for me when finding a job is not the salary; I prefer to look at the environment most. I don't like competition. The second point is about challenges - I want to get better. I'm able to get that kind of job now thanks to Mixess by JELLYFISH introduction. My Career Partner is really a nice person and she offered me lots of job information. We were talking like friends, without any tension or nervousness, even though it was a business talk (job vacancy and offer)
30's y.o | Spain

Introduced Job:  Fullstack Developer

My Career Partner is Ema. In our first contact she sent me a message in English, which was different from other career consultants in Japan who always communicate in formal Japanese. Other consultants I've met before were too serious. But Ema was funny and very Interesting so I wanted to use the service. Many other "consultants" were too direct and treated me like something without feelings. Ema was very kind and I was happy to talk with her.
30's y.o | Belarus

Introduced Job: Technical Manager

I had a very good experience with my Career Partner. She's very cheerful and friendly. She helped with lots of interview questions and told me how to prepare for an interview with the CEO, which was very helpful. This company's service was at a very high level and my company is still using their service to hire more employees
30's y.o | Russia

Introduced Job: Full Stack Developer

I saw your job posting and every requirement exactly matched my skills and experience. I always wanted to come to Japan, so I decided to apply. My Career Partner, Kristina contacted me through email at first and later we talked via Skype. I went through a Skype interview with the company and got the offer.

I'm very thankful because she helped a lot in the process.
30's y.o | Taiwan

Introduced Job: Product Manager

I'm very thankful for the continuous support. Not only introducing a job, but my Career Partner also have a firm understanding of my way of thinking and the changes I want to make for my future career. I really feel like I have a reliable ally by my side. If I want to change jobs in the future, I will definitely use Mixess by JELLYFISH.
23's y.o | India

Introduced Job: Web Content Editor

I wanted to do media-related jobs related to India, which is rarely seen here.
 When I first met Ema, my Career Partner, she was very nice and gave me a lot of useful information. She helped me correct my resume, told me what to wear and also what questions might be asked in interviews.

These seemed to be small things but I hadn't known about the theme before and I was quite worried at that time. Her advice was really helpful.