Your Career Partner


Our captain. She used to work as a bridge architect and joined the team in 2018 as a career partner for a reason no one really knows why but man ... she is damn good at it!

Sakamoto's goal is to support people from all around the world and build the "bridge" that will lead them to their dream job in Japan, regardless of any nationalities and background. You might run into her outside of any Izakaya, cause beer is her fuel of life and she likes to have it outdoor.


William is a gamer, TKD-practitioner and a multi-linguist from Norway. He is capable of many things and able to adapt and make anything slightly better, almost like the garlic of the Jellyfish kitchen.

A total trustworthy & reliable teammate, both in-game and in real life. You can talk to him about almost any topic and he's always ready to cook it up to another level.

Ema Tran

Born & raised in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam and moved to Tokyo in 2016. With a decade of experience as recruiters under her belt, she's very sharp at finding and pulling out people's strong points. Got a warm yet quirky personality which made her popular among our past candidates.

She is a true definition of a wanderlust: spends her holiday exploring hidden spots to find new insights in life and love to share the experience through her private blog.

Wei Xi

Born and raised in Italy and xperienced living in multiple countries such as China, The UK, and France which greatly enriched her social and cultural skills. Currently working in Tokyo as recruiter with a goal to support global talents around the world who want to establish their career in Japan just like herself.

With personality as sweet as a cake, she's the resident cutie pie of our team. Harbors a deep love towards fluffy stuffs such as Cinnamoroll, Winnie the Pooh and Pokemon. She's also a master at crane game.