Japan: 100,000 yen cash handout FAQ

Japan: 100,000 yen cash handout FAQ


Q2. Are resident tax-exempt households, pensioners, unemployment benefit recipients and public assistance households eligible for the payout?

Yes. There is no requirement based on income or other public benefits.

Am I eligible for the payout if I was living in Japan as of April 27, 2020 but did not have a resident register?

If you apply for the reinstatement of your residence at the municipal office, you will be eligible for the payment even if your resident register is reinstated after April 27, 2020.

How to apply for the payout?

You can apply through mailing or online. However, online application is only available for those who have My Number Card. (1) Mailing An Application Form will be mailed to your registered address -> Fill in the form with your bank account number -> Mail the form back to the municipality along with a copy of documents to confirm your bank account and your identification documents. (2) Online (available to My Number Card holders) Enter your bank account number in My Portal -> Upload documents to confirm your bank account. Electronic signature will be applied, therefore, no need to submit your identification documents.

If the head of the household is disabled and unable to apply by himself/herself, how do I apply?

Your representative can submit the application by mail or directly to the municipality on behalf of you. * An eligible representative is a person who,as of April 27, is a household member of the household to which the applicant or recipient belongs, a legal representative, a relative or other person who takes care of the applicant or recipient on a regular basis and who is specifically approved by the mayor of the municipality.

What should I do if I cannot receive the mail at home because I am away from home?

You can have your mail delivered to your current place by Japan Post’s service. URL: https://welcometown.post.japanpost.jp/etn/