K and A JPN Co.

Contact Name: 6132
Your email address: 6132@jellyfish-g.co.jp
Address: Tokyo
K and A JPN Co. is a consulting firm specializing in research and development in the fields of vibration and acoustics. JPN provides a wide range of engineering services and related software development for universities, government research institutes and private companies in the US and Japan. The company also provides related software development services.The company uses the Hybrid SEA method, an extension of the Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) method, as the analysis method for many of our projects. The Hybrid SEA method, which is an extension of the Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) method, is used as an analysis method in many projects. In addition, we develop and market the Hybrid SEA System software.In addition to the above, as part of the maintenance of the software, they also provide detailed technical support over the phone, as well as offer a wide range of services to users of the Hybrid SEA System and the general public involved in the SEA method. Furthermore, they provide detailed technical support by phone as part of the maintenance of the software, and also provide training on the Hybrid SEA System to users of the system and general clients involved in the SEA method.The company has conducted a wide range of experiments on the diagnosis, prediction and design of vibration and acoustical problems for various objects such as automobiles, railways, ships, airplanes, rockets, satellites and buildings. In recent years, the company has been focusing on the automotive industry, which is undergoing rapid model changes, and has been conducting research and development for major clients.