Living in Japan during coronavirus: Rent allowance

Living in Japan during coronavirus: Rent allowance


What is the program about?

To provide financial support to people who have lost or are at risk of losing their housing due to economic impoverishment due to job separation, etc. The program is also applicable to those whose working hours or working opportunities have been reduced due to an economic downturn.

Who is eligible for the program?

● Until now, only those who have lost their jobs within two years due to job separation or abolition have been eligible, but in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, those whose income has decreased due to absence from work or other reasons will also be able to receive it, and the application will begin on April 20. ● You were primarily responsible for the household''s livelihood prior to the separation of employment. ● You are not receiving other public benefits under national unemployment policy.

Application requirements.

● Household income requirements: Your total household income may not exceed the sum of your monthly rent + 1/12 (one twelfth) of the non-taxable income amount not subject to the local inhabitant’s tax amount. This amount will vary depending on your cities/prefectures, so you should contact your municipality for details. For example in 23 wards (Tokyo), you are qualified for the program if your household income does not exceed following number: * Single-person household: 138,000 yen. * Two-person household: 194,000 yen. * Three-person household: 241,000 yen. ● Household asset requirements: Your total household financial assets may not exceed ¥1,000,000. The maximum allowable amount will also vary depending on where you live and your household size, but as a rough estimate, if you live in the Tokyo 23 Wards, it cannot exceed: * Single-person household: 504,000 yen. * Two-person household: 780,000 yen. * Three-person household: 1,000,000 yen.

Payment amount and payment period.

● Payment amount. The amount of the subsidy will vary depending on the actual rent but you can estimate a maximum amount as below if you live within 23 wards (Tokyo) * Single-person household: 53,700 yen. * Two-person household: 64,000 yen. ● Supplying period: In principle, the government will pay you the financial support for rent for 3 months. However, it is also possible to extend up to 9 months if you have done your job-search enthusiastically.

Application documents and where to apply.

● Required documents: * Identification documents such as a driver''s license or residence card for foreigners. * Documents proving that you are unemployed. * Documents that confirm household income and savings, etc. ● Where to apply? To find out more about the Housing Security Benefit system and to apply, please contact the Independence Consultation Support Organization (自立相談支援機関) for your municipality. A nationwide PDF list (in Japanese) can be found HERE (only Japanese). Source: NHK, Real Estate Japan.