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Posted on 2021/03/30
Job type Mobile Application Engineer
Programming language Swift, RxSwift
Filter by IT skills Swift/Objective-C
Salary min 4M yen (Annual)
Salary max 8M yen (Annual)
Japanese level  None
English level Fluent
Ref ID 5919
Job appeal Flex time
Contact Name 4225
Your email address

・ Has practical experience in developing iOS native apps using Swift.
・ Has knowledge and experience in UI development using Auto Layout.
・ Team development using git and github.

Good to have

・ Experience in developing and operating native applications with large-scale users.
・ Writing iOS unit tests / UI tests.
・ Has knowledge of iOS application architecture.
・ Has knowledge and experience in performance optimization.

About the company

We are developing the following multiple businesses or services centered on Japan's No. 1 recipe video service.

Work Responsibilities

▼ Business content
・Design, development, test and delivery of our product's iOS app
・Improvement of iOS application development environment, automation and improvement of test / release flow
・Coordination/negotiation with stakeholders regarding iOS app requirements/specifications
・Operation of growth measures using tools such as Firebase
・Data acquisition/analysis using SQL
・Dissemination of technical information to the outside
・Solving other organizational and technical issues based on the individual's intentions

▼ Recruitment background
Our company operates the recipe video service A, and downloads of the app has exceeded 25 million on both OSs, making it a large-scale service. However, A is still a developing product.

Most recently, I've been working every day to create the best products that can revolutionize people's lives, such as launching the Retail Platform. A is currently developing with 7 people, aiming for a small but highly productive team by incorporating CI / CD (fastlane, Bitrise) etc. into the development flow, and continues the cycle of updating once a week.

▼ Why choose this work?
・Engaged in the development and operation of native applications with large-scale users.
・Individual discretion is large, and new libraries can be introduced, architecture can be improved, and automation can be practiced.
・The team recommends writing re-factorings and automated tests.
・You can be involved in policy planning and data analysis, and you can work on solving user problems yourself.

Preferred personality

・Those who can sympathize with our company’s vision and culture
・Those who can thoroughly think and practice “user first”
・Those who are conscious of attention to detail in 0.5px units and have the spirit to create without compromise
・Those who can commit to the growth of the service
・Those who are good and interested at disseminating technical information
・Those who like services related to food and living

Development environment

Library management:CocoaPods、Carthage
Version management:Git、GitHub
Project management:XcodeGen、SwiftGen、Mint、Rome
External tools:Firebase、Repro
Architecture:CleanSwift、Clean Architecture + VM
Project management:GitHub issue
Documents management:docbase
Design management:Figma
Others:Implement layout in code without using StoryBoard or xib


Employees: 160 people (all Japanese)
Average age is 29.4 y.o.
Male : female ratio is 56% : 43%

Working hours

Flex system: Core time 10:00-16:00, flexible time 7:00- 10:00, 16:00-19:00
Scheduled working hours: 8 hours / day (average)

Welfare and Benefits

Commuting allowance, housing allowance, health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance


Weekend and holiday
Paid leave 10 to 20 days 120 days off

* You may come to company 0 to 2 times a year when there is an event, but you can replace the holiday on another day.
・ There is an internal club activity system of the company (with activity subsidy)
・ There is a system where you can eat the dishes taken for the recipe video (free of charge)
・ Side business is possible (some conditions apply / application required)

Interview Process

Document screening (Japanese resume required)
1st interview (personnel)
Assignment selection (WEB)
2nd interview (personnel, site manager)
Final interview (executive, representative) → offer letter


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