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 Developing SaaS platform related to medical industry



Posted on 2021/04/30
Job type Mobile Application Engineer
Programming language ReactNative
Filter by IT skills Angular/Vue/React
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 5.0M yen (Annual)
Salary max 10M yen (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5953
Job appeal Remote work; Flex time
Contact Name 4239
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■3 years or more experience in iOS development using ReactNative
■N3 level of Japanese or equivalent
■Business level of English (for those who have business level of Japanese, English is not required)

Good to have

■Experience developing web service or application
■Development experience using PHP / React.js / Vue.js
■Backend experience such as server and database design

About the company

A startup venture that develops and provides vertical SaaS, specialized for pharmaceutical companies. Our idea is "To deliver new treatment options to as many patients as possible as soon as possible by solving problems from the system side, mainly in the health field." By successfully connecting B to B services and B to C services, new medicine developed by pharmaceutical companies can be delivered to patients in need, and the requirement for new medicine approval can be gathered quickly.

・ Improvement work efficiency related to clinical trials and clinical research
・ Development and sales of platform system (SaaS)
・ Clinical information for patients using Internet
・ Medical information matching service
・ Support services for recruiting clinical trial subjects
・ Development and sales of smartphones and computers application for clinical trials and healthcare-related
・ Medical / healthcare-specialized in SNS service for patients using Internet
・ Patient PHR business

Work Responsibilities

You will be involved in the design, development and maintenance of company products for pharmaceutical companies (BtoB) or patients (BtoC).

【Job description】
■ Design and development of new services
■ iOS app development
■ Re-design the existing services

【Job highlight】
■ You can be involved in the development of new businesses and make your own product from scratch.
■ In order to improve the skills and motivation, the company desire to provide better services, we are not only focusing in one conventional technologies, but actively incorporating new technologies.
■ You will be able to develop products with high social contribution in the medical field.
■ Because it is the company product, you can actively give your own opinions and ideas.

【Working environment】
The company values teamwork very much. Because of that, employees of every generation (from 20s to 50s) are enrolled, and work really well as a team. In addition, we always supporting each other regardless the departments, so even you have no experience in the industry, you can work with peace of mind.

・Not simply 'health tech', but Saas technology specifically specializing in clinical trials!
・A service that connects patients, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and the like, in order to provide patients with a wider range of options!
・Ability to develop a product that highly contributes to the medical industry, and help many people in the long run.

・Procured 2 hundred million funds as of last year.

・As the company is a start-up company, you will be able to take on a lot of responsibility from the get-go.
・Aiming to utilize more advanced technology; in the future, you will be able to participate in the selection process of this technology.
・You will be able to participate in the development of new products and oversee the growth of a product that you created from scratch.
・Not only are we working with the value of improving our services in mind, but we are also aiming to remain open-minded and actively pursue newer technologies, so that our engineers can raise their skill levels and be motivated to develop.
・As the product is a company one, you will be able to actively speak out your ideas and opinions regarding it.

Preferred personality

■ Those who has the same mission and vision with the company
■ Those who are not satisfied with the current situation and want to find a new challenge
■ Those who can work in a team
■ Those who have good communication skills

Development environment

■Development language : PHP, Python
■Version control : GitLab
■Database : Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
■Infrastructure environment : AWS
■Development environment : docker
■Communication tools : Slack
■Company tools : Gsuite


Total employees : 16 persons
Foreign employees : 1 person (Sweden)
Engineer : 5 persons

Working hours

Flexible working time system (start: 8:00~11:00、end: 15:00~20:00)
Core time:11:00~15:00
Average overtime:10 hours (Depends on job title)

Welfare and Benefits

Complete with various social insurance
Full payment of transportation expenses (Number of working days x round-trip cost, the cheapest one)
Remote work is possible (Currently, we work from home, but if needed we need you to come to office)


■ Complete weekly two-day holidays system (Saturday and Sunday)
■ Public holidays
■ Summer vacation
■ Year-end and New Year holidays
■ Annual paid holidays
■ Special holidays (birthday, spouse / partner's birthday, family matters, etc.)

Interview Process

Document screening ⇒ Interview 2~3 times (there is a skill check on 1st interview)⇒ Offer *Web interview OK


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