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 Game company specialized in mobile game



Posted on 2021/04/06
Job type Game Engineer
Programming language Kotlin, Java, Swift
Filter by IT skills Kotlin/Java
Salary min 5.0 M JPY (Annual)
Salary max 10 M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5747
Job appeal Lots of benefits & Allowances
Contact Name 4213
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- Japanese: N2, middle (Babel 12 and up)

- Android or iOS development experience (3+ years) in Unity, PHP, C#

- Experience with Linux (not necessarily years)

- Knowledge and working experience with MySQL and Aurora

- KVS (Redis, Memcached)

Good to have

Experience in the following

- Java

- AWS (EC2/RDS/ElastiCache/ALB/CodeDeploy/CloudWatch)

- Docker

- Experience in developing frameworks

About the company

Planning, development, and operation of mobile social applications.

We are a social application planning, development, and management company that has been in business for 13 years. We have been challenging ourselves for 13 years without giving up, even though there have been good times and hard times as the trend of the times has rapidly changed from what was called mobile browser games to native applications.

We have been able to successfully meet the expectations of our fans, and have been able to provide titles that are always at the top of the AppStore app rankings.

Work Responsibilities

Development of a common infrastructure for the development of smartphone game applications for iOS and Android

- Work on actual projects with a high degree of difficulty (function implementation, performance improvement, etc.)

- Creation of common middleware, common libraries to improve development efficiency of products

- Technical consulting for actual projects

- In-house information sharing (e.g. through in-house technology sharing meetings)

- External information sharing (CEDEC, etc.)

Preferred personality

- Love technology and keep abreast of the latest information.

- Lover of games (does not have to be an enthusiast /Someone who wants to stay involved in games)

- Ability to take initiative to find and solve problems.

- Ability to work in a cooperative manner.

Development environment

Game programming: Unity

Game server: LAMP

Environment and real-time communication Cloud technology: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

Database: MySQL, Aurora, KVS (Redis, Memcached)

Security: iOS/Android/Windows, build pipeline

Experience in framework implementation and maintenance, overseas deployment/multilingual development, and operation

You will be in charge of problem-solving, technology selection, collaboration, and information dissemination related to your area of expertise.


Number of employees: 239 (70% are full-time employees, 30% are fixed-term contractors)

Number of engineers: Less than 70 (30% server-side, 70% front-side, *many full-stack)

Nationalities: 13-15 (Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese: many from Asia)

Working hours

10:00 - 19:00 (8 hours of work, 60 minutes of rest)

Includes 45 hours of deemed overtime. (Overtime will be paid separately.)

Overtime work at midnight and overtime work on weekends and holidays will be paid in full.

Welfare and Benefits

- Salary revision twice a year (February and August)

- Bonus twice a year (February and August)

- Transportation expenses paid (up to 50,000 yen per month).

- Various social insurance

- Education budget system (100,000 yen/person for the whole year)

- Lunch subsidy (various lunch boxes sold on a daily basis can be purchased at a low price)

- MVP award system (team or individual awards)

- Long service awards

- In-house massage

- Welcome lunch

- Communication budget system

- Club activity system

- Use of sports gym near the company

- Family home system


- 2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays

- Annual paid vacations

- Year-end and New Year vacations

- Congratulation and condolence leave

- Congratulation and condolence money

- Summer vacation

- Family leave

- Menstrual leave

- Leave before and after childbirth

- Childcare leave


Interview Process

Application screening (Japanese documents required)

First interview (HR + on-site manager)

Second interview (engineer manager)

Final interview (HR manager, CEO)

*Online screening possible

*In-person interview with an offer

*No reference check


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