No. 1 market share in the AI-OCR solutions

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Address: Tokyo

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Software Development・Artificial Intelligence Enterprise

This AI company is one that provides a hand-written letter recognition service via the use of AI technology, to clients of various industries such as advertisement, finance and real estate.

In order to provide the highest quality of service, we value people. Especially as a company that encourages the development of Artifical Intelligence (AI) technology, communication between people and feelings of gratitude are concepts that we consider very highly.

The Product:

<Product> Development、Renovation、Sales、Maintenance

・Product ①
∟The provision of AI-OCR. A solution that conducts deep learning from large amounts of data in order to understand better the characteristics of letters, and this product becomes able to recognize letters with high precision.

・Product ②
∟Customer-only Edge Computing Hardware.
A product that not only strengthens security, but is also able to actualize higher level digitization and the protectino of privacy (Installation can be completed in just 5 minutes)

・Product ③
∟Learning system via annotation tools
By providing a platform, this product was made so that it would be easy to be implemented into difference companies. 

The Highlight

・High contribution to society
・Mission and vision is made clear
・Pride held for company and its actions
・The vision of the CEO is clear

・Background of CEO is attractive
・Currently employing several Senior Engineers

・Listed company
・Market with little to no competitors
・In recent years, has gained+281% rise、and as calculated from the financial results for the fiscal year ending in March, has achieved the highest growth rate within the country's listed companies

・Actively utilizing newest technologies
・By subdividing teams, communication between CEO/CTO (e.g the decisions and judgements made by CEO/CTO) is more efficient
・Engineer-driven environment
・Study sessions available, 20% of time spent at work can be allocated to self-study
・Study support available
・Senior engineers currently working at company

・Salary is above average
・Full remote OK(Kanto area only)
・Coming to company OK(Office is pretty)
・Used portion of employee paid leave: 90%
・Overwork below 10Hrs
・Feedback is clear(For engineers, other engineers will give feedback)