No.1 Cooking media in Japan

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Address: Tokyo

The Company:

We are developing the following multiple businesses / services, centering on Japan's No. 1 recipe video service. In July 2018, we signed a capital alliance agreement with Yahoo Japan Corporation, and in April 2020, we acquired 100% of the shares of XXXXX Corporation, which operates the women's media "XXXXX", from Yahoo Japan, making it a wholly owned subsidiary. Although we have a capital relationship with Yahoo Japan Corporation, we continue to maintain our independence in our management and are aiming for an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the future.

The Product:

This company operates a recipe video service called "Product A", which has recently become a large-scale service with more than 25 million app downloads on both operating systems.  However, our product A is still in its infancy, and we are working hard every day to create outstanding products that can revolutionize people's lives, including the recent launch of a retail platform.

The Highlights


Be as passionate as the sun.
Make a big impact on the world.
Let's make the world a brighter, more joyful, more peaceful place where everyone is happy and full of smiles.

Representative Director / CEO 

Founded the company in 2014 while still a student at Keio University, and after two business changes, began operating the recipe video service "Product A" in February 2016. 2017: Selected by Forbes as one of the "30 people under 30 representing Asia" as the only Japanese in the media and marketing advertising category. By April 2020, the company will have grown to become Japan's largest recipe video service in terms of number of users (both web and app), number of app downloads, total number of SNS followers, and number of recipe videos; in April 2020, the company will merge with XXXX Corporation, the operator of XXXX media for women. 

Media and Advertising Business
Planning, development, and operation of "Product A," a recipe video service, and media for women
Retail Platform
Support for DX in the retail domain, such as online supermarkets and store promotions

Language/Framework: Ruby 2.5, Rails 5, TypeScript, Vue.js (SSR + SPA), webpack
Middleware: MySQL, ElasticSearch, memcached
Version control: GitHub / Monitoring and detection: Sentry, NewRelic, pingdom, Kibana, AWS CloudWatch
Infrastructure: AWS, ECS, S3, RDS, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, CodeBuild, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Athena, SQS

A company with international team members who can work in English.

We aim to be an organization where all members can connect with each other flatly and sincerely. We believe that communication rooted in deep human relationships is the energy that keeps an organization highly passionate about achieving its vision and mission.