No.1 Game media in Japan

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Address: Tokyo

The Company:

With the mission of "Creating a world where people can enjoy games more", we provide three main types of content: "Game Strategy", which provides information on how to get the most out of games, "Game Introduction", which provides information on how to find games, and "Video Streaming", which is performed by our exclusive game talents on YouTube. In the future, we plan to develop a wide range of game-related businesses, not only in Japan but also overseas, including blockchain and e-sports.

The Product:

- Planning and production of videos based on the client's needs

- Video production and quality control

- Meeting with clients and reporting results

The Highlights

- CEO Biography: Joined the founding of a social game company in 2012 while still a university student, and led all aspects of development as Director and CTO.
- No competition in the market
- Listed on the stock exchange after 4 years in business
- Service grew to over 890 million monthly PV in 3.5 years
- Expanding overseas (many foreign employees)

- Working from home and coming to work is OK (beautiful office)
- 90% of employees get paid off, less than 10 hours of overtime work
- Second job OK