One stop digital marketing service for Web site

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Address: Tokyo

The Company:

The company is a one-stop store for interactive marketing, realizing direct contact between consumers and companies through community sites and real events. The company handles the entire process of planning, development, and execution of all projects in-house, and is characterized by its ability to produce total solutions from strategic planning for corporate branding to system construction and service operation.

In addition, as a producer of Internet strategies, we compete with consulting firms and major advertising agencies, and have a proven track record of providing services to many leading companies. We have worked directly with national clients such as Ajinomoto, JAL, Shiseido, Unilever, and Morinaga Confectionery to build their membership sites.

The Product:

Interactive marketing solution business that supports clients from the planning stage to the execution of their marketing strategies.

We work directly with major companies such as Unilever, Ajinomoto, Panasonic and Shiseido.

The Highlights

- Working on many projects for major clients

- Since we are in the midst of a renewal, you can be involved in the selection of technology to be used for projects
- Positive environment for new technology

- Working from home is OK and coming to the office is also OK
- Full flex time (core time is available during the trial period)