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Posted on 2021/03/30
Job type Non IT
Filter by years of experience 1 - 3 Years
Salary min 4M yen (Annual)
Salary max 5M yen (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Advanced)
English level None
Ref ID 5473
Job appeal Remote work; Project related to overseas
Contact Name 372
Your email address 372@jellyfish-g.co.jp

Those who meet all of the following requirements

- Japanese: N2 or higher, business level or higher (with client support)

- Chinese: Business level or higher to native level

- At least 2 years of experience in corporate sales (2/3 of your previous work experience is required)

- A love of games (80+ hours of gameplay per month)

Required information when applying   

(1) Games you have played in the past *All games as much as possible   

(2) Games you are addicted to now

Good to have

- Those who regularly collect information about the latest games.

- Experience in proposing advertisements and campaigns to game companies.

- Experience in building a deep relationship with a single company rather than a sales style that increases the number of customers.

- Have a large number of contacts in online media, advertising agencies, and the game industry.

- Experience in negotiating with decision makers at clients and agencies.

About the company

With the mission of "creating a world where people can enjoy games more", our company provides three main types of content: "Game Strategy", which provides information on how to advance in games, "Game Introduction", which provides information on how to find games, and "Video Streaming", which is provided by our exclusive game talents on YouTube.

In the future, we plan to develop a wide range of game-related businesses, not only in Japan but also overseas, including blockchain and e-sports.

Work Responsibilities

Background for New Hire

- As an Account Executive for an overseas game company that is making a name for itself in the Japanese game market, we are looking for someone who can act as a bridge between popular overseas games and Japanese game users.

- Many overseas game companies are looking forward to entering the Japanese game market, and this position is to propose the best way to enter the Japanese market.

[Appeal points]

- Being involved in the operation of rapidly growing media with over 1 million PV per month (there are not many games of this scale operated by corporations on game capture sites)

- Products and projects are adopted by sales proposals, and you can work on them with a sense of satisfaction.


Business Description

For game companies in Japan and overseas

- You will be responsible for planning, proposing and negotiating with advertisers (mainly smartphone game publishers) and advertising agencies.

- Generate ideas for advertising products, prepare materials, and develop sales channel strategies

Example of work

- Planning of advertising business using popular YouTube channels

- Planning of live advertising on YouTube

- Propose promotion plans using YouTubers

- Planning of new smartphone advertising campaigns

- Expansion of proposal contents and clients using membership registration services

- Planning of tie-up advertisements with game companies and other companies, etc.


The appeal of the position

- This is an exciting opportunity to support a full-scale expansion into the Japanese gaming market, including e-sports, which is gaining recognition as a domestic industry.

- You will be able to directly influence the growth of the company as a whole by expanding advertising sales.

- You will be involved in building the next generation advertising business model through the planning and development of comprehensive advertising products and proposals.

Preferred personality

- Those who share our philosophy of "creating a world where people can enjoy games more".

- Those who are motivated to take on challenges when confronted with high targets and difficult tasks.

- People who can deal with business partners with sincerity and integrity.

- People who are creative and can act on their own initiative.

- Those who have a large number of contacts in advertising agencies, game industry, etc.

- Those who share the company's values (see below).


244 foreign nationals are currently employed.

Working hours

10:00 - 19:00 Break time: 60 minutes

Welfare and Benefits

- Transportation allowance (as per company policy)

- Housing allowance (according to our company's regulations) 

- Employee stock ownership plan

- Second job is allowed.

- Gameplay incentives (up to 20,000 yen)

- Various types of insurance (unemployment, health, worker's compensation, employee pension)


2 days off per week, substitute holiday, winter vacation, summer vacation, annual paid vacation, congratulation or condolence leave, childcare and nursing care leave

Interview Process

First interview: HR (about 30 minutes)

2nd interview: frontline employee

3rd interview: on-site manager & recruiter


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