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"I thought I did well in the interview since we had such great conversations, so I don't get it why I can't proceed to the next step???"

"I got asked this question in the interview and it threw me off because in my country there is NO WAY a company would ask such question!!"

Yes these scenarios happens a lot, our career team is getting these kind of feedbacks almost daily from our candidates, no matter how experienced they are, the way Japanese companies do their recruitment interview will always baffles them.

Which is why we decided to talk about this matter deeply in our next webinar. Join the discussion by registering to the event here:

Mark your date on April 1st 2021, 7PM because we will talk about:

- The difference between interviews in Japan and overseas

- Most asked questions that might shock you

- How to present yourself and your skills/ techstack correctly

- and more tips and insights!


Our last seminar was a huge success! More than 50 participants joined the discussion about the pros and cons of working in startup IT companies in Japan. According to the post-seminar survey everyone are having fun and and find the material presented as useful.

So we are very excited to have more fun in the next one at 26th November 2020. This time we will talk about the topic that almost EVERY foreigner in Japan have trouble with: Japanese resume a.k.a rirekisho and shokumukeirekisho

Why is it needed, why the rules so complicated (actually it's not), how to make one that will stand out right away amidst hundreds documents that hiring managers received daily .... and more!
Register here
Join the fun discussion while getting juicy insider info (from both recruiters and hiring company point of views) at the same time ... plus you will get free STARBUCKS voucher too after the session!

BTW for those wondering what is the sign everyone is making in the photo: it is our JELLYFISH pose! Join the webinar and let's do JF pose together!

WABINAR:Japanese Tech Startup

Aren't Japanese startups paying less salary? unstable? don't have clear career path? ... do you always heard (or even believed) those bad rumors surrounding the tech startups companies?

We will tell you the truths and bust the unbased myths surrounding Japanese IT startups that you didn't know and would like to know, including introducing you to leading startups in Japan that are actively hiring foreign IT talents!

Furthermore, as seasoned IT recruiters, we will give you insight on how to make the experience working with startup companies as a shortcut to successful tech career in Japan