QA Engineer (Automation)/ Ambassador Platform/ N2

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Posted on 2021/08/31
Job type QA Engineer
Programming language Python
Filter by IT skills PHP
Ruby on rails
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 4 million yen
Salary max 6 million yen
Japanese level  Business level (Advanced)
English level Conversational
Ref ID 5495
Job appeal Flex time; Lots of benefits & Allowances; Actively using new technologies & tools; Flat organizational structure
  • Japanese N2 or above (Japanese reading comprehension is also required)
  • At least 3 years of experience in QA engineering + test automation
Good to have
  • Experience in creating websites
  • Understanding of programming languages
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • English language skills (as there are foreign nationals in the team) (Japanese language skills are essential)

About the Company

Promoting the ambassador program:

  • We define ambassadors as enthusiastic fans who are actively involved in a company or brand, and who speak out and recommend it spontaneously.

  • We call our ambassador program an initiative to discover ambassadors, activate them and turn them into assets.

  • We offer the Ambassador Platform, a proprietary system developed in-house to implement the Ambassador Program. The ambassador platform is a one-stop shop for recruiting, finding, communicating and measuring the effectiveness of ambassadors.

Key points:

  • We work with many major companies

  • We are a pioneer in ambassador marketing.

  • We have a wealth of experience working with famous companies such as Nestlé, Shiseido, Estée, SONY, Microsoft, Glico, Haagen-Dazs and Suntory.

Work Responsibilities

Product Development

  • Ambassador platform : We define "ambassadors" as "highly passionate users who actively engage, speak up and recommend brands" and help companies build better relationships with their ambassadors. We believe in the importance of marketing by continuously increasing the number of ambassadors, and we propose the ambassador program as the best way to do this.

  • DIGITAL PAND: is a social network marketing automation service that automates social network marketing activities, reducing the need to manage social network accounts and attracting high quality social network users. The service is widely used by small and medium-sized companies, small businesses and individuals such as influencers, and has been adopted by more than 500 companies in total.

Main business activities

  • You will be responsible for building and operating a quality control system for the continuous release of the ambassador platform and DIGITAL PANDA.

  • Create test cases.

  • Implementation of test code

  • Test automation practices

Work Environment

  • This is an environment where autonomy is encouraged.

  • You will be working in a Scrum meeting where sales, marketing and engineers will share their ideas on how to develop the service. You will be able to participate in the development of specifications and improvement plans for the services we develop.

  • Flexible development style

  • We are practicing agile development with Scrum.

  • In task estimation, we use relative points rather than absolute amounts such as in man-months, and adjust the schedule flexibly while picking up the opinions of multiple people.

  • Proactive introduction of the latest technology

  • The working environment, technology used, development style, etc. are decided by the opinions of the engineers.

  • We actively adopt the latest in key technologies such as development languages and frameworks.

Preferred Personality

  • You should be able to think independently and not wait for instructions.

  • Someone who is able to proactively express their opinions and share their ideas with the team.

  • The ability to work as a player in the development of the service.

Development Environment

Languages: JavaScript

Framework: React, Redux, Node.js

Database: Amazon-Aurora

Code Management: git

Project Management: Bitbucket, Jira, Jira-Agile

Tools for sharing information: Confluence, Slack

Others: Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform

Other technology in the office:

Languages: PHP, Python

Framework: Laravel

Database: MySQL

Organizational Structure

Total: 70 employees

Foreign nationals: 3 (Malaysia, Brazil, Bangladesh)

Ratio of men to women: 5:5

Average age: early 30s

Internal language: Japanese

*Development engineers communicate in Business English.

Working Hours

Flexible working hours (8 hours/day)

Core hours : 11:00-15:00
Overtime hours: 20-30 hours

Welfare and Benefits

Transportation expenses (upper limit: 50,000 yen per month)

Various social insurances (Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association)

Partial subsidy for food and drink (office okan)

In-house club activity system

Self-development support system


2 days off per week (Saturday, Sunday and public holiday)

Paid leaves

Summer holiday

New Year holidays

Congratulations or Condolences leave

Evaluation Process

  • Application Screening (English CV only OK)

  • First Interview (CTO)

  • SPI test (English version available)

  • Second interview (HR, field engineer)

  • Final interview (with executive)

  • Job Offer → Joining the company

*Online interview


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