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Posted on 2021/04/02
Job type QA Engineer
Programming language Ruby, Java, Go
Filter by IT skills Java
Ruby on rails
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 5.0 M JPY (Annual)
Salary max 10M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5665
Job appeal Great office environment; Foreigner friendly company; in-house development
Contact Name 4191
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- Japanese: Internal communication level (N3 and above, Babel 11 and above)

- Experience creating/executing test cases for web services

- Experience in creating/executing test cases for smart phone applications

- High awareness of quality

- JSTQB Certified Test Engineer Certification

 (Have read the syllabus for Foundation Level )

- Ability to summarize and communicate problems in a concise manner

- Experience using Linux/unix OS

Good to have

- Experience in test process management (at least 1 year)

- Experience in test automation

- Web application development experience (2+ years)

- JSTQB Certified Test Engineer Certification (Foundation Level or higher )

- IT Verification Engineer Certification (IVEC)

- Software quality engineer certification (JCSQE)

About the company

Internet Service Business

Number of group companies: 11 companies

Overseas offshore: Vietnam

>Services for individuals

- Operation of in-house product A, an automatic household account book and asset management tool

- Operation of "In-house Media B," an economic media for daily life

- Operation of in-house platform C, a platform for comparing and applying for financial services

- "In-house store D, a store where you can learn about the "money of the future

- In-house application E, an application for saving money to enjoy life

>Services for corporations

- SaaS platform "In-house Platform F

- Cloud bookkeeping service "In-house Service G

- Inter-company deferred payment settlement service "In-house Service H

Work Responsibilities

Background of Recruitment / Job Description

Our company provides a wide range of services, each of which is being developed and released at a very fast pace. Releasing new services and functions as soon as possible leads to an increase in the number of users and customer satisfaction, but when speed is a priority, awareness of quality tends to fade away, so there is a growing need for QA and test engineers with a high awareness of quality. This time, we will launch a QA team at the Kyoto base.

Job Description

- Web app test case design and execution (specification based, exploratory testing)

- Design and execution of test cases for smartphone applications (specification-based, exploratory testing)

- Defect reporting

- Test execution management

- Post-release confirmation

Depending on your experience, you will also be responsible for the following tasks

- Test plan creation

- Test management

- Defect Management / Defect Analysis

- E2E test automation (implementation and operation)

- Test process improvement

Preferred personality

- People who share the company's philosophy

- You are a fan of our services and passionate about their growth.

- People who enjoy developing services and are able to work on their own initiative.

- The person who is full of challenging spirit and wants to take on the challenge of creating new age services.

Development environment

Web server side: Ruby on Rails, Go

Web frontend: React, Redux, webpack, TypeScript, Mocha, Jest

Database: MySQL (Aurora)


Middleware: AWS (ALB, EC2, RDS, S3, SQS, ElastiCache, EKS...) , sendgrid, kinsta GCP (BigQuery, Firebase, GKE) nginx, squid, memcached, kafka, logstash, filebeat, maxwell, kibana, elasticsearch,Fulentd envoy, Passenger, Puma, Unicorn, HAProxy, Docker, Redis


Number of employees: 800 for the entire group

Number of engineers: 30-40% of the total (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto)

Number of foreign employees: about 20 (Vietnam, Taiwan, Germany, India, Korea)

Working hours

9:30-18:30 (Discretionary labor system for professional work) *Subject to conditions of application, possibility of flextime system

Welfare and Benefits

- Various social insurance (employee pension, health insurance, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance)

- Housing allowance and moving allowance in the neighborhood

- Health checkups and gynecological examinations

- Influenza vaccination

- Book purchase subsidy

- Corporate defined contribution pension plan

- Employee stock ownership plan

- Preferential treatment when using the following services

(*Contracted service providers only) - Rental agency - Housekeeping service - Babysitter - Online English conversation school


Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays

Annual paid vacations

Summer vacation (3 days)

Winter vacation (2 days)

Winter vacation (2 days) Year-end and New Year vacations (December 31 - January 3)

Interview Process

Application Screening First Interview (HR, Position Engineer)

Second interview (department head, engineer leader)

Final Interview (Director: Representative)

All interviews can be conducted online.


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