Specializes in software quality assurance and testing

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The Company:

A company that specializes mainly in software quality assurance and testing. Its methods are revolutionary and cannot be found anywhere else. The company is steadily changing conventional wisdom with the unique methods it has developed so far. The size of the quality assurance market is enormous.

The Product:

Software Testing Services

The Highlights

  ~From QCD to DAAE~

In the future, manufacturing, including IT, will require the concept of "DAAE" rather than the "QCD" concept that has been advocated in the past.

D(Design) A(Agility) A(Assembly) E(Economic Quality)

In conventional development, there were many big projects, and countless requirements had to be developed and released over a long period of time, so they always had to be successful. And at this point, "QCD" conscious development had been required.

Nowadays, it is very important to start small and quickly develop the minimum number of functions that users will use, analyze the users' opinions, and repeatedly reflect them in the products to deliver products that are used by many people in a user-first manner. We call this pursuit of overall optimization, rather than local optimization, "DAAE," and we will promote IT manufacturing with this new development style.

・ A fast-growing company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange last year.
・ It is not a testing company, but a "quality consulting company".(Originally a company that was doing upstream process-development-testing)