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Posted on 2021/03/27
Job type SRE/DevOps Engineer
Filter by IT skills AWS/Azure/GCP
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 4.0M JPY(Annual)
Salary max 7.0M JPY(Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5925
Job appeal Remote work; Foreigner friendly company; Flat organizational structure
Contact Name 146
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- Japanese N2 level or higher (emphasis on reading and writing skills)

Experience in at least one of the following (approximate experience is 2 years or more)

- Experience in either Linux or Windows server design, construction, or operation

- Experience creating documents such as detailed design documents and operational procedures as a system integrator

- Experience in either infrastructure design, construction, or operation using a public cloud

Good to have

- Experience in web system development

- Experience in business reporting to customers

- Experience in ITIL based operation

- Experience in database design and operation

- Experience in system planning and operation in an information system department

- Experience in project management for system development and infrastructure construction

- Experience as an evangelist for some kind of new system, whether internal or external

About the company

- Service planning, development, and operation business

- Market analysis/Social media promotion/Website construction/E-commerce/Contents distribution/Development of applications for smart devices

- Billing/settlement agency business/settlement data processing/storage agency

- Server construction/operation business/cloud system consulting/cloud system - construction/operation/system monitoring

- Customer support business/email/telephone support/service operation policy development/business improvement proposals

Work Responsibilities

- Provide proposals and recommendations for site reliability improvements to customers who outsource infrastructure operations.

- Design operational tasks for newly built systems, taking into account the perspectives of developers, customers, and operators.

- Perform operational tasks such as editing, improvement, and problem solving for IaC-ized infrastructure systems.

- Resolve service failures that occur from multiple perspectives and propose measures to prevent a recurrence

- Analyze alerts and metrics obtained during operations and propose improvements to customers.

- Examine methods of modernization and transformation of legacy operational heritage.

- Work with sales to expand sales of SRE contracted services.

Preferred personality

- Those who can openly share their achievements and skills, and take the initiative to share information among the team.

- Someone who is willing to cooperate with other engineers and can give and take the information.

- Those who are able to take ownership of issues rather than being passive.

- Those who enjoy catching up with the ever-changing cloud services and challenging new technologies.

- Someone who is able to gather information and promote the business by themselves.

- Someone who understands what the customer wants and can report and explain the work.

Development environment

Examples of the technology stacks used

Public cloud: Azure, AWS, GCP, and other clouds

Terraform, Chef, Git, Jenkins

Zabbix, AzureMonitor, CloudWatch

MySQL, SQL Server, DWH, BI tools

>Front End

Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, StoryBook (component management), Scss

>Server Side

PHP, CakePHP, Golang, AWS, Docker


Total: about 120 people, 15 foreign nationals (Indonesia, Spain, Korea, China, Germany, Brazil, etc.)

Development: 30 people, Infrastructure: 30 people, Designers: 3 people

Management: 10 people, Sales: 15 people, PM and administration: 20 people

Working hours

Flextime system (Core hours: 10:00-14:00)

8 hours/day x specified number of working days per month

Working from home is acceptable.

Welfare and Benefits

Social insurance, overtime allowance, holiday allowance, late-night allowance, full transportation allowance (up to 150,000 yen/month), Working from the home allowance of 5,000 yen/month is provided separately.


2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, summer and winter vacations, annual paid vacations, special vacations, etc.

Currently working from home. You can come to the office as needed. Staggered work hours and other flexible arrangements are available.

Fully insured, no smoking indoors (smoking room available)

Interview Process

Application screening

→Coding test for those who can

→First interview

→Second interview

→Final interview

*Skype interview


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