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 Developing smart speaker software



Posted on 2021/03/26
Job type SRE/DevOps Engineer
Programming language TypeScript, JavaScript, Python -Express, Bitbucket -AWS, EKS
Filter by IT skills Python
Filter by years of experience 5 - 10 Years
Salary min 6.0M yen(Annual)
Salary max 10.0M yen(Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5672
Job appeal Flat organizational structure
Contact Name 4147
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- Qualified to work in Japan.

- Experience as an infrastructure engineer

- Experience as a software engineer

- Experience using AWS or GCP or Azure

- Experience with IaaC such as Terraform or Ansible

- Experience in designing and operating a monitoring system

- Experience in the design and operation of monitoring systems

- Reading, writing, and speaking Japanese at a business level or higher

- Reading and writing simple English, reading technical documents in English

Good to have

- Experience in practical operation of k8s

- Node.js development experience

- Practical experience with Istio

- Experience releasing self-made libraries and contributing to OSS, etc.

- Experience in operating large scale web applications with scalability in mind

About the company

[About the company]

With the vision of "making the Japanese way of working more free and prosperous", we are an "online customer attraction platform" for freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses.

From photographers to yoga instructors to housekeepers, we offer over 900 jobs in 47 prefectures across Japan.

[Work Responsibilities]

As Lead Engineer, you are having the final technical responsibility of the engineer work. You are being considered as the most senior engineer in the organization and provide cutting-edge technological expertise in all engineering related areas.


- Responsibility for technological choices (stack, architecture)

- Technical responsibility of the engineering team (release cycle, code review & quality,

productivity of the team)

- Software development

- Hiring and training of senior engineers

- Promotion of technologies (inside/outside of the company)

Preferred personality

The ideal engineer

- Self-motivated to tackle interesting problems

- Put the customer first, not the technology.

- Utilize agile development methods

- Be a data-driven decision-maker.

- Know how to communicate effectively with non-technical employees.

- Be a compassionate team player.

Development environment

Development language: Javascript, Node.js

Frameworks: Angular, React

Infrastructure: AWS


About 50 employees (60 including interns)

Half of the employees are foreign nationals (Japan, US, UK, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.)

Working hours

9:30-18:30 *We have a flex system.

Welfare and Benefits

- Transportation expenses paid in full (transportation expenses paid for the days you come to the office)

- Full social insurance (employment, worker's compensation, health, and welfare pension)

- Access to company services (up to 10,000 yen per month)

- Free drinks and food in the office

- Stock option granted

- Working from home is OK

- PC provided (planned)

- Overseas residents: One way ticket fee provided


- Two days off per week (Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)

- Paid vacations (no limit on the number of days *if performance is good)

Interview Process

First interview (CEO *casual interview)

→Second interview (to check management skills)

→3rd interview (Programming test (1 person onsite) *Case study answers)

→4th interview (Q&A with on-site staff (culture fit))

→Final interview (details of what you missed, annual salary, and offer interview elements)

*There are many steps, but it will be completed within 2 weeks.

* Overseas residents are eligible to apply


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