Success story of Martinez Puerto Didac-Joan, Web Developer from Spain


Success story of Martinez Puerto Didac-Joan, Web Developer from Spain

JELLYFISH is friendly and they approach me after considering my past experiences.

Q. How do you know about JELLYFISH?

JELLYFISH is a Career Partner, and Sakamoto-san contacted me via Linkedin. It is different from other companies that only introduce available jobs. Sakamoto-san contacted me after she clarified my CV. And before that, a Japanese friend recommended me about JELLYFISH, a well-known job search site for foreigners.


They offer various jobs available based on my experience and interests.

Q. How was the consultation process with your Career Partner?

Initially, she introduced jobs suitable with my experiences, but a little different from my interests. But then, she introduced more options and thanks to that, I could find a job that suits my experiences and interests, and later got interviewed for the job.


Sakamoto-san helped me a lot in many points, including the ones I did not even think of. Thanks to meeting her, all my difficulties in changing jobs are solved all at once.


Pre-interview preparations, about the company and how to convey my appeals

Q. Did you have enough consultation and understand enough about the company?

Yes, we talked (online) about the company and prepared for the interviews. She gave me a lot of advice about interviews and some possible questions, which turned out to be so useful in the real interview.


Together, solving problems as a foreigner

Q. Please tell us any impression (if any)

There were various documents to prepare for applying for a visa, and they are hard to understand. However, Sakamoto-san not only helped me to check all the required documents, but she also taught me how to prepare them. It was a very tough one if I, as a foreigner, had to do all of them by myself.


All the problems and troubles you have will be solved all at once! Don’t shoulder your problems alone, JELLYFISH Career Partner can help you for that!


If you are struggling alone, I recommend you to consult with JELLYFISH Career Partner!

Q. Will you recommend JELLYFISH to other people?

Of course. I am very satisfied with JELLYFISH’s services. Currently, I am living in Japan on a student visa. If you apply for a job by yourself, the visa itself can be an obstacle to the application process. You have to explain your condition all the time. But JELLYFISH can introduce you to jobs where sufficient visa support is provided, and they also helped to explain my conditions to the hiring companies, so it became easier for me. The problems you usually have when changing jobs can be solved easily, and you can gain more opportunities than before. Therefore, I highly recommend you to consult with JELLYFISH Career Partner.


P.S. For those who want to work in Japan

You will be asked for many unexpected documents when applying for a visa. For example, your university graduation certificate and transcript will be required. Please remember your ID and PW to access your university’s system.




Martínez Puerto Dídac-Joanさん







Jellyfishはキャリアパートナー、SakamotoさんからLinkedinを通じて連絡が来ました。 大体案件だけを紹介する他社のリクルーターと違って、彼女は親切で、私の履歴をはっきり確認してから連絡した感じを受けました。 そしてその前に、日本人の友人から外国人の求職サイトとしてJELLYFISHを勧められたことがあります。




彼女が紹介してくれた案件は、私の経験にはぴったりでしたが、私の興味とは距離がありました。 彼女は多様なオプションを紹介してくれて私の興味に合う企業と経験に合う企業両方インタビューをすることができました。






はい、面接前に会社説明と面接についてオンラインで一緒に話し合いました。 彼女がアドバイスしてくれた面接のポイントや予想質問などは実際の面接でかなり役に立ちました。




ビザの手続きで色々な書類を準備しないと行けなくて、書類の名前も難しくて種類も多かったです。 しかし、Sakamotoさんが必要な書類のリストを確認してくれたり、書類の作成方法までも教えてくれてとても助かりました。 外国人一人でこれを準備したら絶対に困ったなと思いました。


一人で悩んだ点と面倒が一気に解決できました!一人で困っている方にJELLYFISHのCareer partnerと相談すること、お勧めします!






P.S 日本で就職を検討している外国人の方へ